Arsenal FC vs Chelsea FC Soccer Betting Tips

Arsenal FC vs Chelsea FC Soccer Betting Tips

Arsenal FC vs Chelsea FC Soccer Betting Tips

The Premier League season ended a few days ago – but not all decisions have yet been made on the island! In the FA Cup, the winner still has to be played, in the final Arsenal and Chelsea face off. For the London clubs, endgame participation has become a routine in recent years, but with all experience: only one team can win. Meanwhile, the playoffs have started in the second-rate championship: in the semi-final second leg, well-known teams are fighting over the chance of promotion. We have an interesting week ahead.

It is the crowning glory: After the Premier League has successfully maneuvered through the corona phase, the English football season ends with the FA Cup final. Two city rivals face each other this year: Arsenal and Chelsea. No wonder, one would think – the two London clubs are regular guests in the FA Cup final!

In five of the last six finals, either Arsenal or Chelsea was represented – once even both teams: On May 27, 2017, the Gunners won 2-1. It was the last title for Arsenal to date – and the third within four years (2014, 2015, 2017). Chelsea, in turn, was able to successfully make amends after the disgrace three years ago: the Blues won the cup the following year, thanks to a 1-0 win over Manchester United.

Let’s stick to the cup history of the teams for a bit – because it is excellent in both cases. Chelsea has been in the FA Cup finals eleven times, eight of which have been won. Between 2007 and 2012 alone, the blues won four out of six titles. Arsenal, in turn, is the record winner of the competition with 13 successes: The club has all won its last six finals, the last defeat dated May 12, 2001 (1-2 against Liverpool).

In the Premier League, however, the balance sheets look less glorious: Chelsea ended the season in fourth place, not bad for a young, inexperienced team – but still under the dignity of the ambitious club. Since the last championship, 2016, the Abramowitsch team never came close to the title again. After all: With eight wins from eleven games, the team showed itself to be very strong after the Corona compulsory break. The biggest beneficiary of the interruption was undoubtedly attacker Olivier Giroud, who referred the accurate youngster Tammy Abraham to the bench. His goals also ensured that the blues will play Champions League in the coming year.

And what about Arsenal? Behind the Gunners is a disastrous Premier League season in which you couldn’t reach the Champions League or Europa League. Even the eighth place you ended up looking almost too good considering the poor performance that put Arsenal in the tenth and lower places.

However, what should be given to the team is the conciliatory conclusion: Of the last ten games of the season, the Gunners won seven and lost only two. With victories against Liverpool (2-1) and Manchester City (2-0) – two absolute opponents of fear – the team even made big exclamation marks. Above all, these two successes should inspire confidence in the run-up to the cup final.

From the Arsenal point of view, the common cup history is also hopeful: Not only did the North Londoners win the last final against Chelsea – but they are also ahead in the overall balance. Arsenal won five of the seven FA Cup duels.

One last factor: While Chelsea has already booked international business, the Gunners have only the “FA Cup” option. With a victory in the cup, Mikel Arteta’s team would still jump on the Europa League train, if they lost, they would miss the European Cup for the first time in 25 years.

The bottom line is that we expect Arsenal to be successful: because the Gunners have a better cup history, especially in end games, and because they need the victory more urgently.

Betting Tips: victory for Arsenal
Odds: 3.10