Regensburg vs Paderborn Betting Predictions 30 Jan 2019

Regensburg vs Paderborn Betting Prediction

If you believe the statistics of the season so far, then the fans of the SSV Jahn Regensburg and the SC Paderborn on Wednesday evening can prepare for a real goal spectacle. As part of the 19th matchday in the 2nd Bundesliga are the two clubs that can be very satisfied with the season so far, namely in direct duel against. In the classification, the SCP is currently just ahead of the pack, with the East Westphalia in seventh just two points ahead of the Regensburg in ninth place. Since it seems unlikely that one of the two teams will intervene in the promotion battle, but they could simultaneously put off any descent concerns early, a match is expected, in which both the Paderborn and the Regensburg play without pressure freed.

Football Betting Prediction Regensburg vs Paderborn

The consequence of the carefreeness on both sides leads us between Regensburg and Paderborn to the prediction that surely one or the other goal will fall. In particular, the view on the first half, because especially in the Jahn, the first 45 minutes were most recently associated with some highlights. Alone in seven of the past eight second division games with SSV participation the ball wriggled at least twice in the net in the first round. After all, this was still the case in four out of eight matches at the SCP. At Regensburg vs. Paderborn according to the odds to find a favorite is extremely difficult, so the focus should be on the number of goals.

Regensburg – Statistics & Current Form

The SSV Jahn Regensburg is in the second league for a very handsome football. Unfortunately – from the point of view of the Donaustädter – the unconditional urge goes forward, often at the expense of their own defensive. In this respect, it is often a narrow line between a veritable offensive fireworks display and a complete chaos in the back team. The 28 results obtained mean the second-weakest in the upper half of the table (behind Paderborn – 30 goals), but with 31 goals scored, the men of Achim Beierlorzer need hide from hardly a team. Only Cologne, Kiel and Paderborn met in the season so far more often. Thanks to the positive goal ratio and very solid 26 points, the red-whites are currently in ninth place and thus strive for a similarly worry-free playing time – in terms of a possible relegation battle – contrary to last year, as the climber even finished fifth and also with a spectacular style of play caused a sensation (53: 53 goals). Anyone who believes that the winter break brings a change in orientation, should be mistaken. Achim Beierlorzer, who has been contracted for years at RB Leipzig and thus gotten the aggressive start-up and the quick switching game quasi implanted, will demand on Wednesday evening against Paderborn courage and initiative from his boys.

That during the duel Regensburg vs. Paderborn could pay a tip on at least two goals in the first half, based on the rest on statistical bases, because in seven of the last eight second division games involving SSV Jahn fell in the first round two or more hits. Spread over the entire season, there were only six matches in which corresponding bets would not have gone through. Only twice it was the break 0-0. If you also look at the outsourced table from minute 1 to 45, then Regensburg is in the goals scored (16) in second place among all 18 second division, but also at the same time by far the most vulnerable defensive (19 goals). In total, therefore, fell 35 goals in 18 first half – on average, therefore, just two hits. As with the SCP now a similar offensive opponent in the Continental Arena will accumulate, between Regensburg and Paderborn, the prediction can actually turn out only in the aforementioned over-direction. With the exception of Adrian Fein, all men are available. Will the third home win succeed in 2018/2019?

Expected formation of Regensburg:
Pentke – Saller, Sörensen, Correia, Föhrenbach – Lais, Geipl – George, Adamyan – Grüttner, Al Ghaddioui

Last matches from Regensburg:

  • 19.01.2019 – Würzburger Kickers Vs. Regensburg 1: 0 (friendly)
    17.01.2019 – Sonnenhof Großaspach Vs. Regensburg 0: 1 (friendly)
    12.01.2019 – Regensburg vs. Germany Liefering 10: 1 (friendly match)
    22.12.2018 – FC Ingolstadt vs. Germany Regensburg 1: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
    16.12.2018 – SV Sandhausen vs. Regensburg 2: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)

Paderborn – Statistics & Current Form

5: 3, 4: 4, 3: 3, 4: 4, 5: 1, 6: 2 – these were some of the results of the SC Paderborn on the 18 matchdays so far. No other team in German professional football is notorious for football spectacle than the East Westphalians, who were only four times in this season without own hits, but at the same time only three times the “white vest” true. In exactly two thirds of all games involving the former first division team (12 out of 18), the ball wriggled at least three times in the net. Because between Regensburg and Paderborn, the odds for the over 2.5 are, however, too low and therefore do not promise any interesting value, the over-betting in halftime one is likely a suitable alternative.

Although the team of coach Steffen Baumgart in the second half was significantly more successful than in the first round, but 14 goals scored in eleven goals against (25 in total) substantiate that the Paderborn are also always able to find offensive solutions or not immune to it are defensively making mistakes. In four out of the last eight games, the ball crossed the goal line more than once in the first 45 minutes.

Only in five of 18 cases it was in games with Paderborn involvement in the cabin 0-0. The former striker on the coaching bench of the Ostwestfalen warns, however, before the high start of the Regensburg and expects from his team that they put a concentrated construction game to the day. Since in the first competitive game after a long break – despite numerous test matches – many processes do not work immediately one hundred percent, individual dropouts are anything but unlikely. For example, on Matchday 18 of the Bundesliga, over 3.5 goals were scored in five out of nine games; Goalkeeper blunder or defensive error included. So why not in league two? Leon Brüggemeier, Leon Fesser and Khiry Shelton are injured due to injury. On the other hand, the offensive with strong single players will be on the pitch with full manpower.

Expected formation of Paderborn:
Zingerle – Dräger, Strohdiek, Schonlau, Collins – Vasiliadis – Tekpetey, Klement, Antwi-Adjej – Zolinski, Michel

Last matches from Paderborn:

  • 22.01.2019 – Darmstadt vs. Germany Paderborn 1: 2 (friendly)
    23.12.2018 – Paderborn Vs. Darmstadt 6: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)
    15.12.2018 – Paderborn Vs. Dresden 3: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
    07.12.2018 – HSV vs. Paderborn 1: 0 (2nd Bundesliga)
    30.11.2018 – Paderborn vs. Germany Bielefeld 2: 2 (2nd Bundesliga)

Regensburg vs. Germany Paderborn Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

So far, there were only seven competitive games between these two teams, three of them in the second league. Regensburg continues to wait for the first goal in these three matches in the German lower house and logically on the first victory. The games from the season 2012/2013 have for the Regensburg vs. Paderborn prediction for Wednesday no relevance. The first leg on Matchday 2 won the East Westphalia 2-0. Together, the teams then made 26 shots, but only two of them found their way into the net.

Regensburg vs Paderborn Football Betting Prediction

Maybe Regensburg and Paderborn – in addition to the 1st FC Cologne and with cuts Holstein Kiel – the most spectacular teams in the 2nd Bundesliga. Because the bookies of course have noticed the many scorching matches of these teams in the season so far, between Regensburg and Paderborn, the odds for a usual over 2.5 are not high enough to identify the famous value. Predicting the winner will also be difficult due to the sometimes inconsistent nature of the teams, which is why our choice falls on the number of goals scored in the first half.

Key Facts – Regensburg vs. Germany Paderborn tips

In seven of the last eight Regensburg first halves fell more than 1.5 goals
Paderborn is the second best offensive in the league
No team conceded as many goals in the first 45 minutes as the Jahn (19)

In particular, the Jahn heard from 1 minute to 45 to the most dangerous, but also most vulnerable teams in the league. Paderborn meanwhile has the second best offensive of all second division, but held only in three of 18 games behind the zero. Not only do we expect two very courageous formations, but in the end a spectacular duel with many chances on both sides. In seven of the past eight games with SSV participation fell at least two goals at break. In East Westphalia, at least, such bets would have gone through in four out of eight cases. Based on the existing statistical base and the subjective gameplay assessment, the tip on Over 1.5 (1st HT) makes the most sense between Regensburg and Paderborn.

Betting Prediction: Over 1.5 (1st HT)
Odds: 2.10