beastcoast vs NoPing Betting Tips and Odds

beastcoast vs NoPing Betting Tips and Odds

beastcoast vs NoPing Betting Tips and Odds

On Tuesday, in the South American area of ​​ESL One, we have the beastcoast vs NoPing. Both teams started with a victory in this tournament.


beastcoast has some guys that were a pleasant surprise at TI9, when we played for Infamous. “Cenusereasa” from The International, ranking 7-8. K1, Chris Luck, Wisper, Scofield and Stinger stayed in one place and even made progress.
On the beastcoast I saw how he took 4th place at ESL One Hamburg, 7-8 at Chengdu Major and also 7-8 at Dreamleague 13. He also qualified at ESL One Los Angeles, even though from second place in the South qualifiers. US.
Lost in the first match at WeSave! Charity Play, 0-2 score with Thunder Predator. Although they played almost as bad (but with Hector in the lineup, this time), they took revenge with the Thunder Predator in the first game, 2-1.


NoPing is a team from Brazil, made up of 100% of players from this country – Costabile, 4dr, tavo, Thiolicor and KJ. In February, Nuages ​​and mini left the organization, so Thiolicor and tray came.
The latter is probably the most well-known player in this team, having played in all the Dota 2 forces in Brazil and was also part of the complexity, the peak of his career. Tavo with 4dr also played together at SG e-sports.
At the end of February, NoPing won a small tournament, CBDota 2, because then, at the beginning of March, to participate in the StarLadder ImbaTV Dota 2 Minor, where he finished last in his group. She also took part in No Major No Problem, taking 3rd place.
The WeSave! Charity Play, passed FURIA, but had no chance in the final with the Thunder Predator, score 3-0. He won the Aorus League (Brazil), 2-1 with FURIA. The same team also passed the first stage here, 2-0.

Betting tips and odds beastcoast vs NoPing

Beastcoast didn’t count in the early-game on any map with the Thunder Predator, but they still managed to win. As a potential, NoPing is under the Thunder Predator, but does it still have the same beastboast? It seemed to me that as long as Hector has no farm, his colleagues are not able to make a play. And we’re talking about the South American team that showed something internationally. But closed in houses, in the online environment, things are more balanced. So I’ll risk a bit and bet on NoPing over 1.5 maps, 1.80 odds.

Betting Tips: NoPing over 1.5 maps
Odds: 1.80

Betting Tips: over 2.5 maps
Odds: 2.20