Altay vs Akhisarspor Soccer Betting Tips

Altay vs Akhisarspor Soccer Betting Tips

Altay vs Akhisarspor soccer betting tips – TFF 1. Lig. Altay on course for advancement?

(UPDATE: On Thursday the Turkish association also canceled the games from matchday 27! What can you bet anyway? In the second Turkish league, the decisive season phase is underway . At the end of the season, two teams will advance directly to the Turkish House of Lords. For four teams, on the other hand, the promotion playoffs take place. There are currently teams like Bursaspor, Adana Demirspor, Akhisarspor and Karagümrük.

Altay vs Akhisarspor Soccer Betting Tips

Chasers like Altay, Ümraniyespor and Giresunspor, however, are close to the potential playoff candidates. Despite the corona crisis in Turkey, the 29th match day of the TFF 1st Lig will be kicked off on Friday evening. Among other things, there is a duel between Altay (7th) and Akhisarspor (5th). As the betting base odds comparison shows, Altay vs Akhisarspor according to odds, Akhisarspor is not a clear favorite.

The big home advantage of Altay Izmir will cease on Friday evening. Most recently, the fanatical supporters of the black and white had gathered in front of the stadium and cheered on the team. The fact that the ghost games are not taking place in Turkey for no reason has escaped the fan group, which is why the fierce criticism of the Izmir club was justified.

Such a scenario can be ruled out on Friday evening, especially since the Turkish government recently expanded the restrictions caused by the corona virus. Altay wants to take a playoff spot again with a home win over Akhisarspor. The black and white does not face an easy hurdle against the form-fitting guests from Akhisar.

The fifth in the table of the TFF 1. Lig has been unbeaten five times in a row. With a record of 4-1-0 in the last five games, Akhisarspor is the strongest team in the second Turkish league. It is quite possible that this series will now be ended by Altay Izmir.

Altay – Statistics & current form

Last season, Altay Izmir lagged behind expectations. The black and white from Izmir ended the season as tenth in the TFF 1st Lig in the no man’s land. Now the traditional club from Izmir can dream of advancing to the Turkish upper house again. Altay currently occupies seventh place in the table and is tied with Karagümrük (6th).

Will Altay award the next “match ball”?

The two table neighbors met on the last matchday. Altay played “only” draw against the sixth in front of a ghost backdrop. Considering that the black and white were now 0: 2 behind, the point win is gratifying.

On Friday evening, the team of head coach Yalcin Kosukavak wants to build on home strength – even if the home advantage is limited to a certain extent. The black and white have recently won five home games in a row, including the top game against the leaders from Hatay.

Kosukavak flirting with Fenerbahce change

It cannot be ruled out that Altay Izmir will win the home game against Akhisarspor despite the ghost backdrop. The shape curve points upwards for the homeowners from Izmir. Under new coach Yalcin Kosukavak, Altay remained unbeaten six times in a row. This upward trend was not hidden from some Süper Lig clubs.

Fenerbahce is said to have already made an initial offer to Altay’s trainer. It is quite possible that Kosukavak will take over the vacant coaching position at Fenerbahce in the summer. Until then, the 47-year-old wants to lead the club from his hometown to the Turkish House of Lords.

Okon and Leandrinho on the siding

Yalcin Kosukavak will largely be able to draw on the full on Friday evening. Due to injury, the chief coach of the black and white will probably only be missing Gencer Cansev. Altay Izmir announced the termination of Aniekeme Okon’s contract a few days ago. Leandrinho will also not appear in the squad until the end of the season.

Probable lineup of Altay:

➱ Topaloglu – Özkaya, Bardakci, Yildiz, Kartal – Segbefia – Avci, Putsila, Tatos, Kappel – Paixao

Last games from Altay:

1st Lig
⚽️ 03/14 2020 Fatih Karagümrük 2 – 2 Altay
⚽️ 03/10 2020 Altay 2 – 1 Hatayspor
⚽️ 03/06 2020 Menemenspor 1 – 1 Altay
⚽️ 03/01 2020 Altay 1 – 0 Altinordu
⚽️ 02/27 2020 Bursaspor 2 – 2 Altay

Akhisarspor – Statistics & current form

Akhisarspor was represented in the Süper Lig for seven seasons in a row. Relegation to the second Turkish league could not be prevented last season. Surprising anyway, because at the beginning of the season the “Akigos” were even represented in the Europa League. Akhisarspor also moved into the final of the Türkiye Kupasi last season.

Direct ascent again

In order to realize the direct return to the Süper Lig, there was a change in the “Akigos” squad in the summer. Mehmet Altiparmak was hired as a coach, who has helped four teams rise from the lower leagues in his career. After a promising start to the season, Akhisarspor buckled at the end of the first half of the season.

Since the form crisis was not overcome in the second half of the season, Mehmet Altiparmak announced his resignation. Since then, Yilmaz Vural has taken over the “Akigos”. Vural is known as a hothouse for his actions on the sidelines and can certainly have a good vita as a second division coach. Most recently, Akhisarspor remained unbeaten five times in a row – including four wins and a draw.

Six point game in Izmir

On Friday evening, Akhisarspor can take a direct promotion place with an away win in Izmir. In addition, Altay Izmir would keep a chase at a distance. Abroad, the “Akigos” took three wins in a row. The results were particularly commendable, because Hatayspor (1st) and Adana Demirspor (4th) defeated two strong teams at home.

Now the momentum should also be taken to Izmir. Yilmaz Vural benefits from the personnel situation and currently has no downtime to complain about. True to the motto: “Never change a winning team”, no changes are expected on Friday.

Probable lineup of Akhisarspor:

➱ Degialenci – Nizam, Cocalic, Kuru, Ünlü – Celenk, Rotman, Bjarnason, Ayik – Cikalleshi, Keles

Last games from Akhisarspor:

1st Lig
⚽️ 03/15 2020 Akhisarspor 0 – 0 Erzurum BB
⚽️ 03/11 2020 Adana Demirspor 2-3 Akhisarspor
⚽️ 03/08 2020 Akhisarspor 3 – 2 Osmanlispor FK
⚽️ 02/29 2020 Eskisehirspor 1 – 2 Akhisarspor
⚽️ 02/26 2020 Akhisarspor 2 – 0 Giresunspor

Altay vs Akhisarspor Direct comparison

The two clubs only meet for the fifth time in their club history. So far, the “Akigos” have always prevailed in the four duels between Altay and Akhisarspor. This was also the case in the first half of the current season, when Akhisarspor celebrated a 2-1 home win over Altay Izmir.

Altay vs Akhisarspor Soccer Betting Tips

If Altay wins the home game, the black and white go past Akhisarspor and thus take a playoff place. If, on the other hand, Akhisarspor wins the game in Izmir, the “Akigos” will once again take a direct promotion place. As the odds with the best betting providers already show, the starting position is balanced.

For the black and white, the ghost scenery is certainly a disadvantage. Most recently, Altay Izmir won five home games in a row, including the top game against Hatayspor. Friday evening will show whether the black and white can tie in without the “twelfth man”.

Key facts – Altay vs Akhisarspor tips

🔸 Altay has been unbeaten five times in a row.
🔸 Akhisarspor can take a direct promotion place with a victory for the time being.
🔸 Altay has won the last five consecutive home games, including the top game against the leaders from Hatay.

It is a groundbreaking match for both clubs. We expect a fairly balanced duel between the two clubs, but see the hosts from Izmir slightly ahead despite the ghost backdrop. In Altay against Akhisarspor, our tip on lucrative betting odds is aimed at winning the home, for which we risk a total of five out of ten units.

Competition: TFF 1st Lig
Date: 20.03.2020
Betting Tips: 1
Odds: 2.6
Stake: 5/10 units

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