3.Liga Soccer Betting Tips (matchday 34)

1.FC Magdeburg vs FC Bayern Munich II

3.Liga Soccer Betting Tips (matchday 34)

In our 3rd league betting tips we illuminate the 34th matchday in all its facets. Five matchdays before the end, the circle of candidates for promotion in the 3rd league seems to be widening somewhat. Until recently, the top three places were within striking distance even from eleventh place, should now be the eighth and ninth places at SpVgg Unterhaching and TSV 1860 Munich, both of which are five points away from fourth place in the table, which is currently due the top position of the FC Bayern Munich reserve not entitled to promotion would suffice for the relegation. However, things are still very tight within the first nine, so an exciting final spurt can be expected.

3.Liga Soccer Betting Tips

This also applies in the table cellar. Although Carl Zeiss Jena has already descended mathematically, SG Sonnenhof Großaspach in 19th place continues to build up despite the eleven points behind the saving bank. Realistically, however, it should no longer be enough and even for Prussia Münster it is presumably tight at five points from the saving 16th place. There are only seven points between FSV Zwickau in 17th place and twelfth-placed 1. FC Kaiserslautern, which is also not yet over the mountain. With a series, all teams in this area still have their own destiny in their hands.

In the following, we devote three games a little more intensively, in which, in addition to the Bayern youngsters who are out of competition, three candidates for promotion and two candidates for relegation are involved.

3. Liga betting tips on matchday 34

1.FC Magdeburg vs FC Bayern Munich II

1.FC Magdeburg vs FC Bayern Munich II Soccer Betting Tips

Date: Sunday, June 21st, 2020

FC Bayern Munich is not only the measure of all things in the Bundesliga, but also two classes below. The reserve of the record champion crowned a previously outstanding second half of the week with the 5: 1 victory against SV Meppen by jumping to the top of the table. From the 14 games of the second half series, the highly talented youngsters of coach Sebastian Hoeneß have eleven wins, two draws and only one defeat on the plus side. And although a promotion is not possible according to the regulations, the best possible end of the season is of course aimed, which can only be the third division championship in view of the last few weeks.

The situation is very different for 1. FC Magdeburg, who actually wanted to be in the front after the one-year intermezzo in the 2. Bundesliga, but now runs the risk of being passed through to the regional league. However, the 1974 European Cup winner seems to have found its way into the track with the second coaching change of the season. At least the first appearances after the separation from Claus-Dieter Wollitz and the installation from Thomas Hoßmang were positive. At Hoßmang’s debut a direct victory against the direct competitor Viktoria Köln was achieved and now on Tuesday at Halleschen FC (1-1) in the next basement duel at least one point was saved late.

Despite the positive trend, it will probably be difficult for Magdeburg to defeat a Bayern Elf that is playfully excellent and bursting with confidence. In any case, we rather believe that the people of Munich will continue their successful run.

Betting Tips: victory FC Bayern II
Odds: 2.10

MSV Duisburg vs Hansa Rostock

MSV Duisburg vs Hansa Rostock Soccer Betting Tips

Date: Sunday, June 21st, 2020

A mistake by goalkeeper Leo Weinkauf not only cost MSV Duisburg at KFC Uerdingen (1-1) on Wednesday, but also the championship lead. For the first time since the 14th matchday, the zebras lost their place in the sun, which was only a matter of time due to the development in the past few months. The team of coach Torsten Lieberknecht could rarely build on the mostly convincing performances in autumn and only remained leaders because the competition also lacked consistency.

But the starting position of the MSV is still very good. Duisburg has everything in their own hands in second place, but is also plagued by personnel problems and cannot compete against Rostock by far with the best team. The table immediately shows that the game is a six-point game. Because FC Hansa has worked their way forward with four wins in a row in the last few weeks and with just two points less could win with a win in a direct duel at MSV.

In view of the development of both teams, we expect an extremely difficult task for Duisburg and believe that the guests from the Baltic Sea will tend to prevail.

Betting Tips: Rostock wins
Odds: 2.70

TSV 1860 Munich vs Hallescher FC

TSV 1860 Munich vs Hallescher FC Soccer Betting Tips

Date: Sunday, June 21st, 2020

With TSV 1860 Munich and Halleschen FC, two teams with different trends meet. While the Munich Lions have recently lost a lot of ground in the race for promotion spots due to three defeats in the last four games, the HFC that has been in free fall for months seems to have successfully flipped the switch. After only two points from 13 games previously, Florian Schnorrenberg, the third head coach of the season after Torsten Ziegner and Ismail Atalan, installed the right buttons.

With a 3-0 win over Waldhof Mannheim, HFC, who was still a candidate for promotion in the winter, ended his downward slide and went on to win 3-2 away at SV Meppen. Now on Tuesday Halle took the 1-1 draw late against 1. FC Magdeburg in the basement derby, but in view of a long outnumber, this draw is also to be rated positively. Given the tightness in the table cellar, the HFC is far from over the hill. Rather, it would be really important to take something with you now in Munich, so as not to run the risk of slipping again.

In 1860 Munich, of course, everything will be done to preserve the chances of advancement, or at least the relegation, which have recently become significantly smaller. Finding a way out of the current low after 16 unbeaten games in a row will not be easy, but is certainly possible, especially in your own stadium. Because in the time-honored stadium on Grünwalder Straße, seven wins, six draws and three defeats are a good record. Even though sixty coach Michael Köllner has already officially ticked off the climb, the Munich lions will leave no stone unturned to get back up there. A victory over Halle is imperative for this. At home, however, we believe that this threesome can break in in 1860, although Halle will certainly stand up to the challenge.

Betting Tips: 1860 Munich wins
Odds: 2.10

All encounters of the 3rd league on match day 34 in the overview

Matchday 34 will separate the wheat from the chaff. However, most matches are clear, so the top and bottom of the table will become more established. The only question is whether maybe one or two draws can be played, that various promotion and relegation candidate dates still have to worry.

Würzburger Kickers vs Chemnitzer FC Soccer Betting Tips

Date: June 19, 2020

Lower Franconia is far superior to the central Saxony. Würzburg will fight for every point.

Betting Tips: Würzburg wins
Odds: 1.57

Carl Zeiss Jena vs Viktoria Köln Soccer Betting Tips

Date: June 20, 2020

Paradise may be in Jena, but the people of Cologne have the Victoria. So the cards are open.

Betting Tips: Viktoria Köln
Odds: 1.66

Waldhof Mannheim – Sonnenhof Großaspach Soccer Betting Tips

Date: 20.06.2020

Another very clear game that gives the Großaspachers the opportunity to prove themselves against a good team in the 3rd division.

Betting Tips: Sonnenhof Großaspach
Odds: 1.65

Eintracht Braunschweig vs Prussia Munster Soccer Betting Tips

Date: June 20, 2020

Münster will not be easy to defeat, but the Braunschweigers will go home with points.

Betting Tips: Braunschweig wins
Odds: 1.83

Kaiserslautern vs KFC Uerdingen 05 Soccer Betting Tips

Date: 20.06.2020

The teams both want to know and need the points on match day 34 of the 3rd league.

Betting Tips: draw
Odds: 3.40

SV Meppen vs SpVgg Unterhaching Soccer Betting Tips

Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020

SV Meppen has a home advantage and will put Unteraching in its place.

Betting Tips: Meppen wins
Odds: 2.15

FSV Zwickau vs FC Ingolstadt Soccer Betting Tips

Date: Sunday, June 21, 2020

Another duel between Bavaria and Saxony. It will be an exciting match, but there will be no winner and both teams will get a counter.

Betting Tips: draw
Odds: 3.30