Rukh Brest vs FK Gorodeja Soccer Betting Tips

Rukh Brest vs FK Gorodeja Soccer Betting Tips

Rukh Brest vs FK Gorodeja Soccer Betting Tips

Rukh Brest meets FK Gorodeya for the first time in the Wyschejschaja Liha

The Belarusian ” Wyschejschaja Liha “, the strongest football league in Belarus, will have its premiere on matchday 7 when Rukh Brest takes on the promoted FK Gorodeya, because these two teams have never faced each other before. On May 2nd, 2020, these games will be kicked off at GOSK Brestskiy.

Can Rukh Brest win the very first game against FK Gorodeya?

The promoted Rukh Brest has already won the opening game of the 2020 season 0-1 against Dinamo Minsk. This was followed by 2 defeats. They have been unbeaten for 3 match days because 2 draws and 1 win were possible. After 6 match days in first class, they have a goal record of 2: 2, 2 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses. 1 victory was possible in front of the home crowd and once they surrendered. Once they met and 1 counter allowed them. Away they won 1 of 4 games and 2 draws. Once only they were lost. Here too the goal balance is 1: 1. Rukh Brest has been coached by Aleksandr Sednev since 12/23/2019. He has never lost to Gorodeya or her coach. In 2 meetings with Gorodeya and her coach he made 2 draws.

In 2019, they were part of the Pershaja Liga, the second-strongest Belarusian football league. You won 15 out of 28 games and lost only 2. 11 games ended in a draw. They could score 65 goals in these 28 games and only had to allow 26. Smolevichi was a relegated team in 2019, against whom they lost 0.3 at home and a 0-0 draw away. They finished the 2019 season in 3rd place in the table. They were the fourth best on the defensive and the second best on the offensive. It remains to be seen whether they will be able to repeat this first-class performance.

Can FK Gorodeya win away against Rukh Brest?

Gorodeya was a bit better away in front of the home crowd in the still young 2020 season. In total, 3 wins and 3 losses were possible in 6 games. With a goal balance of 3: 5 they can not really draw attention to themselves. Away, however, it looks different, because they scored twice in 3 games and allowed 1 goal. They celebrated 2 victories and surrendered once. Only 1 success was possible in the home stadium. They suffered 2 defeats and 4 goals, while they only finished once. Since June 26, 2019, the sporting threads at Gorodeya Oleg Radushko. The 53-year-old only played 2 games as a coach against Sednev and was able to make 2 draws.

In 2019 Gorodeya finished 7th in the table. With 31 goals after 30 match days they made the sixth weakest team in the final and with 29 approved goals the fourth best defense. An interesting combination we think. They were fifth best away and eighth best at home. In fact, Gorodeya is an average strong team. In 2020 they already proved that they can win against a promoted team, because they won 0-1 away against Belshina.

Key facts for the match Rukh Brest vs FK Gorodeja

Rukh Brest

Were strong as average in 2020
Have a coach who has never lost to Gorodeya

FK Gorodeja

Have the slightly stronger squad
Are convincing abroad
Have a good defense

Betting predictions and odds comparison

Betting Tips: Rukh Brest
Odds: 2.12
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.50
Betting Tips: FK Gorodeja
Odds: 4.20

Rukh Brest vs FK Gorodeja Soccer Betting Tips

After the analysis, we see a value bet at Tip 2, because actually much more indicates a victory for Gorodeya, but the odds speak a different language. We would still give a tip 2 as a winning bet. If you want to secure this bet with a possible draw, a double chance tip X / 2 bet is recommended. In the over / under bets, in our opinion, a placement to under 2.5 goals is advisable, even if the odds are no longer particularly lucrative.

Betting Tips: Double chance tip X / 2
Odds: 1.88