Belshina vs Dinamo Brest Soccer Betting Tips

Belshina vs Dinamo Brest Soccer Betting Tips

Belshina vs Dinamo Brest Soccer Betting Tips

Will Belshina win the 5th home duel against Brest?

In our betting tip predictions for the Belarusian Premier League, champion Dinamo Brest is visiting the promoted Belshina Bobruisk on match day 7. While the home team failed to win after the promotion, the guests also lost the last two games. The master also started very badly and is now traveling to a fear opponent. Brest has been waiting for a full success at Bobruisk for 7 years, excitingly Belshina won the recent 4 home duels against this opponent. On Sunday, May 3rd, 2020 the table is 13th as a guest at the tail light.


  • 6 games without a win
  • 3 home games without a win
  • only 0.83 goals per game
  • Won 4 home duels

Dinamo Brest

  • 2 losses in a row
  • 1st bankruptcy after 17 games
  • 1.0 goal per game
  • 1.17 goals conceded per game

Will Belshina remain without victory in the 7th league game?

Belshina Bobruisk was unable to win a game after moving up to the Belarus House of Lords. The team of coach Eduard Gradoboev only made 2 draws in 4 attempts in the Vysshaya Liga after 4 losses. Finally, the team had to bend 2: 3 at Slutsk. This puts the club at the bottom of the table, 5 points behind a non-relegation zone and as many points behind the next opponent. It will be difficult for Bobruisk to narrow the gap when it comes to betting providers. For Belshina odds of around 5.50 are announced. The double chance bet 1 / X still brings odds of around 2.20. Belshina won the last 4 home duels against Dinamo. Of the last 10 comparisons, the host of this encounter still got half (5) in 2 draws and 3 losses. So can Bobruisk surprise again against a faltering brest?

Belshina Bobruisk lost the first two home games of this season and only scored the first point in the third attempt. After 1: 3 at home against FK Minsk, 0: 1 against Gorodeya, the Gradoboev team took a point from Smolevichy in the 1-1 draw. Sergey Glebko gave the home side the lead in the closing stages, but the equalizer prevented greater success in added time. Both hits came from penalty kicks. Belshina has to concede an average of 1.67 goals per league game, while only 0.83 goals are scored in the front. In every third game – including every third home game – the team remains without a goal. The team loses every third game and every third home game to zero. So far, in every game and every home game you have scored goals. So you stay in 2 thirds of the Bobruisk games under 2.5 goals total. There could also be fewer goals in the upcoming game.

Does Dinamo Minsk win after 2 bankruptcies at Belshina?

Master Dinamo Brest is not getting going this year. The team of coach Sergey Kovalchuk had to lose the last two games of the Vysshaya Liga without a goal: 0: 1 at Vitebsk and 0: 2 at home against Soligorsk. This was already the 4th bankruptcy this season in the 6th championship game after only 1 win and 1 draw. The champion is lagging behind its own demands, is only 13th in the table, 4 points ahead of the relegation ranks and 6 points behind the league leaders. In order not to lose more ground and to distance the rear ranks, the first victory at Belshina would be necessary. For the bookies, Brest is the clear favorite at odds around 1.60. In 7 of the last 10 comparisons and in 4 of the most recent 5 matches in Bobruisk, over 2.5 goals were scored. But this time there could be a lower goal game.
Dinamo Brest won the first away game of the season 1-0 in Slutsk, but most recently lost 1-0 at Vitebsk. This was the club’s first away defeat since November 2018. In the meantime, the team won 14 wins and 3 draws abroad, making them the best away team in the league in the previous season. The Kovalchuk team only scored 0.5 goals per away game this season, but only allowed 0.5 goals on average. In the league games, the average goal increases to 1.0, but the average for conceding goals also increases to 1.17. In 66% of the Dinamo games you stay under 2.5 goals overall, in both appearances under 2.5 goals were scored. Brest cannot score in every third league game, with goals conceded in 83% of the games. As a master, Brest should already have the quality to be able to assert itself with the newcomer.

Belshina vs Dinamo Brest Soccer Betting Tips

We assume a scarce result. According to our analysis, we will see under 2.5 goals, increasing the chances that both teams do not score. The guests were most likely to score at least one goal so that those willing to take risks can also play an away win without conceding a goal.

Betting Tips: Belshina
Odds: 6.00
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 4.40
Betting Tips: Dinamo Brest
Odds: 1.60