Netherlands vs Canada Betting Tips

Netherlands vs Canada Betting Tips 20/06/2019

The fight for the group victory? Read below our betting tip we offer about this match.

On Thursday, the group stage at the Women’s World Cup 2019 in France comes to an end. The last tickets for the round of 16 will be awarded and at the latest we will know what pairings will be in the playoffs. Two teams that will compete against each other on Thursday have already made the leap to the next round. Netherlands and Canada make in the direct duel only the group winner among themselves. But that will be decisive for which opponent waits in the first knockout game. What is certain is that both teams will face a great challenge in the last sixteen.
The group winner plays against Japan or England, while the second has to duel with Sweden or the USA. That seems to be the choice between plague and cholera. All four possible opponents are teams that are better avoided for a long time, especially as group winners. At the moment Netherlands is in the lead with six points and 4: 1 goals, but only because the Canadians scored one goal less with 3: 0 goals. Balanced can hardly be a match in advance. Nevertheless, we see Oranje in the role of favorites and would give in the duel between Netherlands and Canada a prediction for a victory of the European champion.

Today’s Betting Tips Netherlands vs Canada

Even when it comes to the group victory, we can expect a fair meeting. The Netherlands and Canada are at the top of the fair play table. Both teams have not yet seen a yellow card at the World Cup. That might mean that we should not just give a tip to a card festival in the game between Netherlands and Canada. It will be exciting to see whether both teams will necessarily go to win, because at least the opponent of the group winner is already clear at kick-off of this game. Best of all, you do not commit yourself to any antics and try to win the game in order to stay in rhythm.

Netherlands vs Canada Betting Tips  Betting Tips

Netherlands – Statistics & Current Form

There is a clear advantage that speaks in favor of winning the group. First place in this group E would mean that one day would have more break than the group second. Especially in a long tournament, it depends very much on the freshness and there is every possibility of regeneration welcome. It would also be nice to stay in flow with a third win and take the momentum into the last sixteen. However, Oranje does not lack self-confidence at the moment.

After all, the European champion has recently celebrated six wins in a row. So in time for the World Cup Oranje is back in good shape. In addition, you can now appear completely freed against the maple leaves. Therefore, it might make sense to look at the odds of a victory for the Orange Ladies in the match between Netherlands and Canada. In general, however, it will be difficult to find the right bets, because the appearances of the European champion at this World Cup were not outstanding so far.

On Saturday Netherlands had to compete against the robust ladies from Cameroon. They were very hard again. The 1: 0 by Vivianne Miedema in the 41st minute should actually be the Brustlöser, but even before the break, the Africans could compensate. Immediately after the change Dominique Bloodworth was with the 2: 1 on the spot. Only in the 88th minute Vivianne Miedema made the 3-1 final score. It may be a bit more in the coming games of the European champion.

“The game against Canada is very important to us. The first place in the group gives us additional self-confidence, because actually the tournament starts now really. ” – Sari van Veenendaal

Goalkeeper Sari van Veenendaal makes clear anyway that the World Cup for the Dutch now really starts. She also says that Oranje wants to be first in the group, no matter what the next opponent may be called. Personally, we expect the Dutch women no major rotation. Maybe there are minor changes to control the burden on individual players a little. Overall, however, we assume that the Netherlands will compete on Thursday with almost the best team.

Expected formation of Netherlands:
↪ van Veenendaal – Bloodworth, van Es, van Lunteren, Dekker – Spitse, van de Donk, Groenen – Martens, Miedema, van de Sanden
↪ Trainer: Wiegman

Last Games from Netherlands:

⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Netherlands vs Cameroon 3: 1 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 11.06.2019 – New Zealand vs. Netherlands 0: 1 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – Netherlands vs. Australia 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 09.04.2019 – Netherlands vs. Chile 7: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 05.04.2019 – Netherlands vs. Mexico 2: 0 (friendly)

Netherlands vs Canada Betting Tips

Canada – Statistics & Current Form

When it came to World Cup favorites, Canada was never named first, but the Maple Leaves have the makings of getting very far in this tournament. From our point of view, the Canadians are a very promising outsider. So we are not surprised that Kenneth Heiner-Möller’s team has already qualified prematurely for the Round of 16. After all, Canada has not lost in ten games. In addition, they conceded only one goal in these ten games. The defense for top star Kadeisha Buchanan is more than solid. Now only legend Christine Sinclair has to find her goal instinct, then much could be possible for the maple leaves.

In the duel against Oranje, it will depend on how intense the North Americans are in this match. Even before the kick-off between Canada and Netherlands, a prediction for a victory of the maple leaves would not be illogical. Canada also have a good chance of winning the group on the final day of the match.

The first two group games were a bit tough. Nevertheless, there were two victories and thus Canada could win all games in the first round at a World Cup for the first time. However, the Canadians scored in a World Cup in twelve games only one win against a team from Europe. Luckily, in the first two games against teams from Oceania and Africa.

“The World Cup is all about one goal, the trophy. Our goal is to get the world title. ” – Kadeisha Buchanan

Kadeisha Buchanan scored the winner against Cameroon. Against Canada, Canada was a bit more goal-hungry on Saturday, winning 2-0 with goals from Jessie Fleming and Nichelle Prince. The recent successes have further strengthened the self-confidence of the Canadians. Kadeisha Buchanan makes it clear that Canada is also about returning home as world champion. If the defense continues to be so safe, we think that’s possible, because it’s always a solid defense that wins the title.

Expected lineup of Canada:
↪ Labbe – Buchanan, Lawrence, Zadorsky – Fleming, Schmidt, Scott, Beckie. Prince, Riviere, Sinclair
↪ Coach: Heiner-Möller

Last matches of Canada:

⚽️ 15.06.2019 – Canada vs. New Zealand 2: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Canada vs. Cameroon 1: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 24.05.2019 – Spain vs Canada 0: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 18.05.2019 – Canada vs. Mexico 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 08.04.2019 – Canada vs. Nigeria 2: 1 (friendly)

Netherlands vs Canada Direct Comparison

To date, twelve games between Netherlands and Canada have been on the program. The direct comparison speaks with 9-0 wins and three draws for the maple leaves. Oranje has never won against Canada. However, the Netherlands has only undergone a tremendous development in recent years. So the conditions are a bit different. At the 2015 World Cup, both teams were already facing each other in the preliminary round. At that time one separated with a 1: 1. The last duel was in April 2016. At that time, Canada retained 2-1 with goals from Christine Sinclair and Janine Beckie the upper hand. Stefanie van der Gragt was successful for Netherlands.

Netherlands vs Canada Our Best Betting Tips Explained

Before this final in Group E, there are numerous facts that speak for one or the other team. For example, Canada have been unbeaten in ten matches, scoring just one goal. In addition, there was no bankruptcy in twelve direct duels against the Netherlands. For the maple leaves have won in twelve World Cup matches against European women only once. The Dutch also are in good form and won six times in a row. It is no easy task to place the right tip in a duel between Netherlands and Canada. In this duel, everything seems possible and it will be very important to who wants to be group winner.

Key Facts – Netherlands vs Canada tips

♦️ Netherlands recently celebrated six wins in a row.
♦️ Canada have been unbeaten in ten matches, conceding only one goal.
♦️ In twelve World Cup games against teams from Europe, Canada won only one victory.

Netherlands has made a big leap in recent years and is not in vain reigning European champion. The competition on the old continent is enormous and therefore this title is already very valuable. We think that this development of Oranje will also be seen on Thursday. Both sides could well neutralize each other, but we think that the Netherlands will barely prevail and will use the betting odds for an Oranje victory in the duel between Netherlands and Canada.

Sure Bet: Netherlands victory
Odds: 2.70

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