Holland vs Cameroon Betting Tips

Holland vs Cameroon Free Betting Tips 15/06/2019

Some tickets for the round of 16 are already taken at the 2019 Women’s World Cup. On Saturday, the European champion can make the move. With a win over Cameroon, the qualification should be made prematurely, at least as one of the four best group stages. There are hardly any serious doubts about the victory of the Oranje, because the African teams usually can not compete with the teams from Europe. Cameroon is, after all, one of two country selections from Africa that has already prevailed at a World Cup against a team from Europe.
Four years ago in Canada, they succeeded against Switzerland, which in the end even made it to the quarter-finals. The irrepressible lionesses still have this goal in mind this year. However, this will require at least a point against the Netherlands and a victory in the final game against New Zealand. We assess the chances rather low and would make no prediction on the progress of African women before the duel between Holland and Cameroon. Oranje may even be a candidate for the title. As European champion, this thesis is probably not too far-fetched. First of all, the match against Cameroon is in the foreground.

Today’s Betting Tips Holland vs Cameroon

We think that the European champions will probably win this game without conceding, because the defensive of the Dutch women proves to be extremely stable since the European Championship two years ago. Therefore, it would make sense in the game between Holland and Cameroon to put a tip on that not both teams scores. In addition, we can imagine a handicap victory of the Dutch or a tip on a half-time lead and a victory of Oranje very well. So there are several variants that are possible in this game, while the odds for a normal victory of the Europeans with a 1.20 are still very tight.

Holland vs Cameroon Betting Tips

Holland – Statistics & Current Form

If you want to be successful in a World Cup, then you know at best very much about his opponent and can align the direction accordingly. Overall, little is known about Cameroon. National coach Sarina Wiegman has therefore tried to get information about former Dutch international Clarence Seedorf, who is preparing the indomitable lions for the Africa Cup, but to no avail. So you have to rely on the video material that is available from the first World Cup match of African women. All in all, the ladies in Oranje will rather focus on their strengths, as there have been five wins in a row, the last four even to zero. This means that we can well imagine that in the duel between Holland and Cameroon the odds of a victory of the Dutch women without conceding to use. That would be synonymous with the entry into the second round. For which place a possible victory reaches, then will show.

In the first group game, not everything was going well, as one would expect from a European champion. The team of Sarina Wiegman had some problems against New Zealand. It was already announced before the World Cup, that contrary to the last European Championship, the Dutch women would now have become much stronger in width. Against New Zealand succeeded but only in the second minute of stoppage time of the golden goal of the game to 1-0 victory. Jill Roord was allowed to celebrate as a goal scorer.

“It takes great effort to get information about Cameroon. We are glad that we did not have them until the second game and watched their first appearance at the World Cup. ” – Sarina Wiegman

However, the festivities did not last long, because the Netherlands still has big goals and as already mentioned, the preparation for the Cameroon game requires a bit more intensive research. Personnel, it should probably look like that Ellen Jansen possibly moves for Dominique Bloodworth in the team. The three women who played against New Zealand, including Jill Roord, also deserve a chance from the start. One or the other change is to be expected at the European championship.

Expected formation of Holland:
➱ Van Veenendaal – van der Gragt, van Es, van Lunteren, Jansen – Spitse, van de Donk, Groenen – Martens, Miedema, van de Sanden
➱ Trainer: Wiegman

Last Games from Holland:

⚽️ 11.06.2019 – New Zealand vs. Holland 0: 1 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 01.06.2019 – Holland vs. Australia 3: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 09.04.2019 – Holland vs. Chile 7: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 05.04.2019 – Holland vs. Mexico 2: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 06.03.2019 – China vs. Holland 3: 5  (Algarve Cup)

Holland vs Cameroon Betting Tips

Cameroon – Statistics & current form

For more than 20 years Cameroon has been one of the elite of African football. But that does not mean that you could cause a sensation on the international stage. Two big tournaments were allowed to play the untamable Löwinnen so far. At the Olympic Games 2012 was the end of the preliminary round. At the 2015 World Cup, however, the Africans were able to win at least two out of four games and only lost to China in the first knockout round. In any case, there is a certain quality in this team, but the opponents are getting better and better. Therefore, it will be very difficult to qualify for the knockout stages. Three points from the games against Holland and New Zealand are mandatory, but four points would be better. That would mean that you can not afford to break the European champions. According to the law of the series, would be a victory anyway, because Cameroon has always won after a defeat. Nevertheless, in the match between Holland and Cameroon, we would not predict the victory of the lionesses.

They did not even look bad in the first group game against Canada. The Canadians are very important in the women’s football, but Cameroon was able to open the game over 90 minutes open. Almost at the half-time whistle, the Africans fell behind and failed to draw. So it remained at 0: 1, but the confidence has not shaken a bit.

“We will work hard to win. We believe in it, because if we do not believe in ourselves, who will do it for us? ” – Aurelle Awona

The Löwinnen continue to believe in a successful World Cup and assume that the hard work will pay off, as defender Aurelle Awona confirmed. We can be sure that Cameroon will not give anything to the European champions on Saturday. Therefore, we also expect a relatively hard game with some yellow cards. Especially the teams from Africa and Asia have been trying at this World Cup to buy their opponents with physicality the cutting edge. Whether it manages to compensate for the playful imbalance to the European champion, we show up on the lawn.

Expected formation of Cameroon:
➱ Ngo Ndom – Meffometou, Awona, Mania, Johnson – Leuko, Nchout, Feudjio, Yango – Onguene, Ngo Ndoumbouk
➱ Coach: Djeumfa

Last matches from Cameroon:

⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Canada vs. Cameroon 1: 0 (WM 2019)
⚽️ 23.05.2019 – Cameroon vs. Levante 4: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 17.05.2019 – Spain vs Cameroon 4: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 30.11.2018 – Cameroon vs. Mali 4: 2 (Africa Championship)
⚽️ 27.11.2018 – Cameroon vs. Nigeria 2: 4 . (Africa Cup)

Holland vs Cameroon Direct Comparison

Holland and Cameroon are two teams that have progressed well in women’s football over the past few years and are now just starting to move up. Both were once at a World Cup. There are not many stages on which teams from Europe and Africa meet, because the lionesses are not yet invited to the big friendship tournaments, for example the Algarve Cup. Therefore, the two opponents are facing each other for the first time on Saturday.

Holland vs Cameroon Our Betting Tips Explained

Of course, Holland, as reigning European champion, clearly favors this match. In addition, Oranje has won five times in a row and has not even conceded in the last four internationals. This also means that our first impulse in the duel between Holland and Cameroon is a tip for a victory for the Europeans. However, the odds of a victory for the Oranje lie in an area where hardly any value can hide. So we have to come up with something different. If we ignore the opening game against New Zealand, the Dutch women usually score in the first half.

Key Facts – Holland vs Cameroon tips

♦️ Holland have recently celebrated five wins in a row and have not conceded in their last four games.
♦️ African teams could win only two of 19 games against teams from Europe at World Championships.
♦️ It will be the first duel ever between Holland and Cameroon.

But because the team from Sarina Wiegman have played zero four times in a row, we assume that a goal in the first half should be enough to win. We do not think that the lionesses will score a goal. That’s why we decided to use the betting odds on a half-time lead and a European champion’s win in the match between Holland and Cameroon.

Sure Bet: 1/1
Odds: 1.57

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