Montenegro vs Czech Republic Free Betting Tips 10/09/2019

Montenegro vs Czech Republic Free Betting Tips

Sensation in the European Championship qualification – Kosovo depends on Czechs. What sounds unthinkable on the whole could well be a reality at the end of qualifying for EURO 2020, as in Group A the Kosovars are well on their way to securing their second ticket to the European Championship finals behind England.

Montenegro vs Czech Republic Today’s Betting Tips

The team from the Czech Republic will most likely be able to prevent this scenario, but they lost 2-1 in Kosovo on Saturday. For the Czechs, therefore, it is now time to compensate for this somewhat unexpected loss of points.

On Saturday, the team of Jaroslav Silhavy in the guest appearance in Montenegro has the opportunity.
First, let’s take a look at the table. England has just completed three games, but is ahead with nine points. All competitors have one or two more games behind them. Kosovo is in second place with eight points from four matches, although the following Czechs (six points), Montenegrins and Bulgarians (two points each) were rated higher.

In the direct duel between Montenegro and the Czech Republic, the prediction is clear. If you lose, you will hardly have any chances to qualify for the European Championship. Therefore, the two opponents should go on Tuesday with an open visor in this encounter. Especially for Montenegro, who only scored two draws from four matches, it’s all about everything.

We think that the Czechs should be favored in this encounter. Many Czech players regularly play in the Champions League. Except for Stefan Savic, no Montenegrin from the current team can claim that. That too is an indication that in the duel between Montenegro and the Czech Republic we are tipping towards a away win.

If the Czech team succeed in playing out their quality advantages, then a victory could put them back in second place, because England are playing at the same time against Kosovo, where a home win may be expected.

Montenegro vs Czech Republic Free Betting Tips

Montenegro – Statistics & Current Form

The political unrest in the Balkans is still not history. The Serb Ljubisa Tumbakovic has refused to serve the Montenegrins in the international match against Kosovo, and was thus released. Since mid-July, Bosnian Faruk Hadzibegic has been the new coach in Montenegro, and he should at least try to lead his team close to the first two places in this group.

If it had not been the political aspects of separation from the coach, then the dismissal would have been quite justified from a sporting point of view. Before Faruk Hadzibegic took the helm, there was no victory in six games. Under these circumstances, a team has lost nothing in a EURO anyway.

But now comes the big boom? Especially at home, the Montenegrins are unpleasant to play. Perhaps that would be a reason to check in the match between Montenegro and the Czech Republic, the odds on a point win the home side. However, in view of the tabular situation on Tuesday, the stadium in Podgorica is not the cauldron that it can be.

After all, there was a 2-1 victory against Faruk Hadzibegic’s debut last Thursday in a friendly against Hungary. However, the Magyars, who were also far from their home team, took the lead 2-0 after just two minutes. Nebojsa Kosovic and Stefan Mugosa by penalty were able to turn the tables in a 2-1 victory.

On Tuesday, the new coach will again be able to fall back on his current only star in the team. Stefan Savic, who has traveled to the national team despite the refusal of his club Atletico Madrid, is likely to play against the Czech Republic.

“I am glad that Stefan Savic is here with us. He is our leader and with him we are much more stable on the defensive. “

The new coach not only regards the defender as an irreplaceable athlete, but also appreciates his ability as a leader.

Another leader is still unavailable. Stevan Jovetic from AS Monaco is injured and thus lacks a lot of offensive power. Overall, we expect a similar lineup as in the friendly against the Hungarians. Of course, should Stefan Savic, who was spared on Thursday, move into the team.

Expected line-up of Montenegro:
➲ Petkovic – Radunovic, Savic, Simic, Marusic – Vukcevic – Jovovic, Savicevic, Kosovic, Mugosa – Beqiraj
➲ Coach: Hadzibegic

Last matches of Montenegro:

⚽️ 05.09.2019 – Montenegro vs. Hungary 2: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Czech Republic Vs. Montenegro 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 07.06.2019 – Montenegro Vs. Kosovo 1: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 25.03.2019 – Montenegro Vs. England 1: 5 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – Bulgaria vs. Montenegro 1: 1 (European Championship Qualification)

Montenegro vs Czech Republic Free Betting Tips

Czech Republic – Statistics & Current Form

The Czechs almost stand with one leg at the EURO 2020, if last Saturday a victory in Kosovo would have succeeded. They were barely catching up and now the situation has turned so much that the Czech Republic can not be sure that they will be competing in European championship finals for the seventh time in a row.

The team of Jaroslav Silhavy still has everything in their own hands. A victory on Tuesday in Montenegro and the football world would look almost pink again in the Czech Republic. We are pretty sure that the guests want to eradicate the shame from Kosovo, and tend in the match between Montenegro and the Czech Republic to a prediction for a guest victory.

However, the Czech Republic lost in three out of the last four away games. Home and away games seem to be two different pairs of shoes for the Czechs. In Montenegro, the away weakness must be filed, otherwise threatens the team of Jaroslav Silhavy this summer only the spectator role.

They had the Czech players in Kosovo in the crucial scenes also held. The new Leipzig Patrik Schick brought his team after a quarter of an hour with 1: 0 lead. Kosovo could use its own chances, in contrast to the other possibilities of the Czechs, and won in the end 2-1.

Jaroslav Silhavy is well aware of the situation. The coach knows that in Montenegro on Tuesday only one win counts.

“We have to win to qualify for the European Championship. We have worsened the situation in Kosovo, but I am not afraid that this will happen again in Montenegro. “

The team has deteriorated the situation in the classification, now the Czechs are asked to turn this story again. After all, the coach radiates confidence once before.

Personally, it looks almost perfect with the Czechs. Basically, all players are at the start, which has scheduled the coach. Injured are the two defenders Lukas Hejda and Radim Reznik, but anyway have no firm place in the team. After the defeat in Kosovo, we think it is possible that Jaroslav Silhavy will make personnel changes in the starting eleven.

Expected line-up of the Czech Republic:
➲ Vaclik – Boril, Celustka, Suchy, Kaderabek – Soucek, Darida – Jankto, Kral, Masopust – Schick
➲ Coach: Silhavy

Last matches of the Czech Republic:

⚽️ 07.09.2019 – Kosovo vs. Czech Republic 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 10.06.2019 – Czech Republic Vs. Montenegro 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 07.06.2019 – Czech Republic Vs. Bulgaria 2: 1 (European Championship Qualification)
⚽️ 26.03.2019 – Czech Republic vs. Brazil 1: 3 (friendly)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – England vs. Czech Republic 5: 0 (European Championship Qualification)

Montenegro vs Czech Republic Direct Comparison

To date, the paths of the national teams from Montenegro and the Czech Republic have crossed only three times. All three games were played in the European Championship qualifying and after all the duels the Czechs won as the winner. The team from Montenegro have not even been allowed to score against the Czech Republic.

In the playoffs for Euro 2012, both teams faced each other for the first time. The Czechs secured their ticket to the EURO 2012 with two victories. The last match was scheduled for mid-June in Olomouc. There, the Czechs won with goals from Jakub Jankto, an own goal by Boris Kopitovic and a penalty by Patrik Schick 3-0.

Montenegro vs Czech Republic Our Best Betting Tips Explained

After only two points from four games, Montenegro will not be able to qualify for a big tournament for the first time. The Montenegrins will try everything under their new coach, but the prospects are very bad. Should there be setbacks in the match against the Czechs in the form of goals, we do not believe that the home side would defend themselves with all their might.

Therefore, our opinion before the game between Montenegro and the Czech Republic is more and more a tip for an away win. After all, the Czech Republic has won all three duels against Montenegro to date and has yet to concede a single goal.

Key Facts – Montenegro vs Czech Republic tips

♦️ Montenegro took their first win after six games without a win in coach Faruk Hadzibegic’s debut
♦️ The Czech team has lost three of the last four away games
♦️ All three direct duels have been won by the Czechs

In our opinion, the assessment of the Czech defeat in Kosovo is in the direction of one-off glitches. We expect the Czechs on Tuesday in a completely different condition. Therefore, in the match between Montenegro and the Czech Republic we will use the betting odds of just over 2.00 on an away win.

Competition: Euro 2020 Qualification, Group. A
Date: 10.09.2019
Bet Tip: Czech Republic (2)
Odds: 2.05
Stake: 5/10 units