UEFA Nations League Belarus vs Moldova 15/10/2018

UEFA Nations League Belarus vs Moldova

Belarus vs Moldova UEFA Nations League

Belarus has 7 points but is under threat from Luxembourg with only 1 point behind. Belorussians can take a big step towards qualification if they win in front of Moldova. At present, the record in this League of Nations for men Kriushhenko is very good with 2 success and 1 draw after 3 days. Belarus even manages to keep its clean sheet after successes in front of San Marino (5-0) and Luxembourg (1-0) at home and 1 draw in Moldova (0-0). Moldova ended a black series of 15 games without a win by winning Friday night in front of San Marino, signing in passing its first success in the League of Nations. Moldova had previously slumped rather dryly in Luxembourg (4-0) and had split home points against Belarus (0-0). This victory against San Marino could only be a straw as the opponent was very weak and Belarus is solid in his garden.

Key points of the prediction Belarus vs Moldova

In 6 direct confrontations, Moldova has imposed itself only once!

Belarus has only lost 1 on its last 8 outings.

Belarus is undefeated for 3 games.

Since 19 March 2017, Moldova has had only one success in 16 games!

Belarus won 7 points out of 9 at stake in this League of Nations.

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Hanged in Moldova (0-0), Belarus should manage to win this second round at Stadyen Dynama Minsk.

Bet Tips: Belarus wins
Odds: 1.5