UEFA Nations League Armenia vs Macedonia 16/10/2018

UEFA Nations League Armenia vs Macedonia

Armenia vs Macedonia UEFA Nations League

The latest D League games at this stage of the Nations League will be extremely exciting and will certainly create a lot of interest among the supporters. Armenia and Macedonia consist of one of these parties having their starting whistle at 21:45 at the Yerevan stadium, and the selectors promise to play this evening.

Armenia has never gotten into the selections that only form in the qualifying campaigns, but the lack of a solid foundation within this national is totally lacking in trying to gain real chances to participate in final tournaments. Armenia’s selector lives in pretty tough moments within the team that does not do well in the new Nations League format that should have been a good time to build a competitive batch for the qualifying campaign. Armenia has managed to win only the first game in this League, against Liechtenstein on its own field with just 2-1, extremely weak for the difference of value that exists, and will continue in a negative way by the two defeats in front of Macedonia , and most recently against Gibraltar, which created a shock to this selected, being the most painful failure in history.

Macedonia is at the opposite end of all the selections that are part of this League and is likely to evolve into a higher group after the end of the 6 games. Angelovski’s side-selector never disappointed in a qualifying campaign, even though he met top-ranked players, tried to do his best, and this professionalism will help Macedonia’s national team achieve its goals EC in 2020. In the Nations League it is up to the law so far, having no competent adversary to challenge its first position. The Macedonians have won all three games, with a maximum of points and an 8-to-1 goalie, the last one being ended with a score of 4-1 for those who have managed to win the selection of Liechtenstein.

Betting picks and prediction analyzed Armenia vs Macedonia

The odds are fairly balanced between the two national betting houses, but the mood in each of the two locker rooms is completely different, and from this point of view we should count on the one that is the most positive in this moment. Armenia loses in front of Gibraltar and Macedonia manages to tick the third consecutive success are elements that should be decision-making on betting and that is why I will bet on a positive result for guests who can not lose to Yerevan if things stand the same way, and for the courageous one can even force the fourth success.

Sure Bet: X2
Odds: 1.40
Bet Tips: 2 soloists
Odds:  2.40