VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg Betting Tips

VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg Betting Tips 6/04/2019

Of course, in football, the craziest things have happened and everything is always possible. However, if the 1.FC Nuremberg still makes it into the league this season, despite all this borders on a miracle. With 13 points after 26 match days and 20 games without a win (club record negative), there has never been a team in the German upper house managed to hold the class at the end. However, after the club’s 3-0 success last weekend, this scenario is no longer impossible. On Saturday, the duel at VfB Stuttgart and with a victory in the country, the Franks could move up to a counter to the direct competitors and thus the relegation place 16. So much more struggle for survival than on Saturday in the Neckar stronghold is not. At home VfB was able to convince, especially in the second half of the season, and held against Hannover once before in a relegation duel the pressure. That is another reason why Stuttgart are at odds with Nuremberg in terms of bookmaker odds, and home success seems most likely.

Today’s Football Betting Tips VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg

The nerves, however, play a major role during the 90 minutes. It is not clear who will handle the precarious situation better. Although it does not look like it in tabular form, the starting point for the guests is in some ways simpler. The club was already felt relegated and has worked with the success against Augsburg again an additional chance. The Franks have nothing to lose in this season and so they last appeared. This pinch of looseness is a key asset in such a relegation thriller, which makes a prediction in the direction of the guests possible between Stuttgart and Nuremberg. The match will kick off at 15:30 on Saturday afternoon.

VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg Betting Tips

VfB Stuttgart – Statistics & Current Form

The name Oliver Glasner buzzes around these days around the training ground of VfB Stuttgart. The coach of LASK Linz is brought in as a successor of Markus Weinzierl in the game, which does not like this at all. For one thing, he is still in office and has no plans to surrender this in the near future, on the other distract such side action scenes only from the sporting events. However, VfB currently needs the complete focus on this very event. The fact that Weinzierl’s contract does not apply to the Second League is, of course, a hot topic, as it is still completely open in which league VfB will play in the coming season. Right now it looks like 20 points on the account after the relegation, with the game on Saturday to set the direction for the season’s final spurt. A victory on the one hand would reduce the backlog to the saving bank, while a bankruptcy on the other hand makes the worst-case scenario with direct descent possible again. The coach will think twice about which eleven players he places confidence on Saturday afternoon and places them in the starting lineup. Bitter for him is the fact that missing with Gonzalo Castro and Christian Gentner two important alternatives due to injury.

Most recently, Weinzierl beat 1-0 in Frankfurt at 0: 3, which is the most likely time. Ascacibar should therefore return after his expired yellow-barrier back into the team. Vorstallbar is also a surprise for the opponent with a tactical reorientation that would mean more risk. A double-seater with Gomez and Gonzales is an option at home, as VfB have the right to dominate the match. A Daniel Didavi, although in a small form-low, but is always available for special moments, could provide from the midfield for additional Torgefahr. On the other hand, the work against the ball must not be neglected, as the guests will lurk on counterattack. Between Stuttgart and Nuremberg a prediction is very difficult because of these personnel and tactical question marks. Especially from the point of view of the hosts, it is a real balancing act on Saturday with the question of how much risk should be taken. On the one hand, the home game against the table penultimate is a huge opportunity, with three points to reduce the gap to the saving shore. On the other hand, the motto is also very clear: “Lose forbidden!”

Expected formation of VfB Stuttgart:
Zieler – Kabak, Pavi Kempf, Beck – Ascacibar, Zuber, Insua, Didavi – Gomez, Gonzales

Last matches of VfB Stuttgart:

⚽️ 31.03.2019 – Frankfurt vs VfB Stuttgart 3: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 16.03.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs TSG Hoffenheim 1: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 09.03.2019 – Dortmund vs VfB Stuttgart 3: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 03.03.2019 – VfB Stuttgart vs Hannover 5: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 22.02.2019 – Werder Bremen Vs. VfB Stuttgart 1: 1 (Bundesliga)

VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg Betting Tips
Nuremberg – Statistics & Current Form

On 29 September 2018, 1. FC Nuremberg won 3-0 at home to Fortuna Dusseldorf and the world in the newly promoted was still in order. Nobody could have guessed that this threesome would be the last success for a very long time. More specifically, lasted 20 games long, the dry spell of the Franks, which could be finished only last weekend with the renewed 3-0 against FC Augsburg. Meanwhile, the club had the red lantern (which could now be given to Hannover again) and with Boris Schommers was a new coach on the sidelines. The firefighter has pursued a very clear goal in the last few weeks, which was perfect against the Swabians for the first time. He tried to give the team first and foremost defensive stability, which worked better and better. For the first time the offensive component was added to the FCA, which should now give the players more confidence. Schommers never tires of emphasizing that his protected have the opportunity to gain something and not the pressure to lose something.

In a sense, Schommers is right, of course, because a week ago probably no one would have put a cent on the club. Now, in Stuttgart, despite the odds, which see the hosts from the Ländle in advantage, there is again an unexpected chance for Nürnberg, in the fight for the league whereabouts back. After the strong performance against Augsburg Schommers actually has no reason to make changes to his starting lineup. The formally weak Kubo could still be rotated out of the team. Matheus Pereira would be in the attack next to the Swede Mikhail Ishak a possible substitute. In the back four is still a small question mark behind the use of Robert Bauer, who had to pause in training during the week. The signs indicate, however, that the outer track player will be fit in time and the newly stable four-chain of the club must not be changed. If the Franks once again defend as well and concentrated as last, then duel Stuttgart vs Nuremberg the tip in the direction of the guests certainly not the worst.

Expected formation of Nuremberg:
Mathenia – Bauer, Mühl, Ewerton, Leibold – Erras, Behrens, Lions, Kerk – Matheus Pereira, Ishak

Last matches of Nuremberg:

⚽️ 30.03.2019 – Nuremberg vs Augsburg 3: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – Nuremberg vs. Mlada Boleslav 5: 1 (Friendly Match)
⚽️ 17.03.2019 – Frankfurt vs Nuremberg 1: 0 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 10.03.2019 – TSG Hoffenheim Vs. Nuremberg 2: 1 (Bundesliga)
⚽️ 02.03.2019 – Nuremberg vs RB Leipzig 0: 1 (Bundesliga)

VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg Direct Comparison & Statistics Highlights

Of course, the two big traditional clubs have crossed the swords once or twice in history. The direct comparison between Stuttgart and Nuremberg does not really use anything for a tip on the upcoming game. Hard to imagine that the players of the home team feel better, just because the VfB in the overall balance of the two clubs with 37:22 victories leads. If anything, the actors have the only current game from the first round still in mind. On 11 Match VfB won away at the Max Morlock Stadium 2-0. Center-back Timo Baumgartl scored in the 69th minute for the celebrated celebration goal for the guests, before Joker Erik Thommy made shortly before the end of the game for the decision.

VfB Stuttgart vs Nürnberg Our Football Betting Tips

To compare VfB Stuttgart vs. 1. FC Nürnberg to come to a well-founded prediction, one would have to be able to look into the heads of the players. The descent ghost is haunted in the country, the pressure on the cauldron is huge and so the mental strength of the players will be an essential factor that will decide on the outcome of the game. Qualitative and footballing, the hosts are certainly at an advantage, which is why Stuttgart also has the lower odds against Nuremberg. However, the momentum speaks more after the weekend than the Franks, who won 3-0 against FC Augsburg, while the VfB defeated in the same height in Frankfurt.

Key facts – VfB Stuttgart vs Nuremberg tips

⭐️ After the last matchday, the momentum is on the side of the guests from Franconia – the pressure is greater at VfB
⭐️ The hosts have to do without Castro and Gentner on two important supports due to injury
⭐️ In the first leg of the club defeated at home with 0: 2

It seems to be possible on Saturday afternoon, which is why it is basically not wrong to hint at higher odds. This is in this case on the part of the club. With the double chance X / 2 can at the duel Stuttgart vs Nuremberg the tip will also be hedged a little more, as this also a draw is covered. The positive pressure, the FCN coach Boris Schommers always in the foreground, could on Saturday decide the rash and it is not ruled out that the Franks are finally back in business after this matchday and to fight for the league. With three units, the use is rather small, because the question scores as mentioned are large and a secure prediction is not possible. A 5: 1 for the VfB (as against Hannover) is just as possible as a hard fought 1-0 away win the clubberer.

Bet Tip: Double Chance X2
Odds: 2.08