Sports betting tips today 03/27/2020 – Belarus and Let’s Dance in focus

Sports betting tips today 03/27/2020 - Belarus and Let's Dance in focus

Sports betting tips today 03/27/2020 – Belarus and Let’s Dance in focus

Second kick out for Loiza Lamers?

Start of the weekend? Somehow real weekend mood does not want to arise for many people, but at least sports bettors can pursue their own hobby, to a limited extent. Sports betting tips can be found today among others in Belarus (Vysshaya League) or Burundi (Premier League).

There is also a large program in Esports. Bets on TV shows round off the offer on weekends. This Friday, let’s dance 2020 with Show 5 is clearly in the foreground.

As usual, the betting base has put together the most interesting events. Since the current crisis in Russia is less acute, sports events in sports not mentioned below such as volleyball or table tennis can also be found there.

Betting program overview 27.03. – most interesting events

Football Vysshaya League Belarus
Let’s Dance Show 5
Soccer Burundi Premier League
Soccer friendlies
Esports (ESL Pro League, LOL, Dota2)

Let’s Dance Show 5 on Friday night

The Let’s Dance show event on RTL and TVNow is the perfect entertainment during a forced evening on the couch. The focus of interest is not yet the direct fight for victory, but the duel between Loisa Lamers and Sükrü Pehlivan at the other end of the table.

Loiza Lamers left the previous week and only came back to the show through the task of Joey Kelly. Nevertheless, at Let’s Dance before Show 5, the betting odds are now as if the weakest dancer, according to the jury, would have to tremble even more for kicking out with Sükrü Pehlivan.

Vysshaya League Belarus betting on 03/27/2020

The Vysshaya League in Belarus remains the green oasis of the football leagues. While yesterday the cancellation of the first football league season (amateur area England) began, the season in Belarus has only just begun and no interruption is in sight.

Accordingly, for example, the game between Torpedo Zhodino and Belshina not only takes place, Torpedo can even rely on the support of the domestic audience and is not least because of this the bookmaker is the clear favorite in the upcoming game.

Another match – albeit with a much less clear starting point – denies Ruh Brest and Energetik BGU.

Anyone who does not yet have a betting account with this somewhat less well-known bookmaker can benefit from the bonus new customer bonus in addition to the good betting odds.

Betting tips Belarus Vysshaya League on 27.03. with allowance odds

Torpedo Zhodino vs Belshina
Team1: 1.60 Draw: 3.80 Team2: 5.60 bet here
Ruh Brest vs. Energetics BGU
Team1: 2.75 Draw: 3.65 Team2: 2.32

Betting tips friendlies on 27.03.

Lunds vs Malmo FK
Team1: 1.40 Draw: 5.25 Team2: 5.25

Enhorna vs Sodertalje
Team1: 1.60 Draw: 5.00 Team2: 3.75

Fittja vs Haninge U19
Team1: 1.50 Draw: 4.50 Team2: 4.50

Gillberga Lista vs Baggetorps
Team1: 1.12 Draw: 8.00 Team2: 11.00

Lindö vs Dagsbergs IF
Team1: 2.20 Draw: 4.20 Team2: 2.37

Qviding vs Oddevold
Team1: 1.61 Draw: 4.00 Team2: 4.33

Skene vs Hestrafors IF
Team1: 3.75 Draw: 3.75 Team2: 1.72

Ekenässkön IF vs Myresjö IF
Team 1: 1.12 Draw: 8.00 Team 2: 11.00

Tumba FK vs Djursholm
Team 1: 1.66 Draw: 5.00 Team 2: 3.40

Esports: Bet ESL Pro League on 03/27/2020

It is also hot in the ESL Pro League in the United States. CS: GO is on the rise and Esports in general is one of the sports that even benefit from the current situation. As on the previous day, esports are offered almost around the clock in a wide variety of competitions and types of games, since gamers’ enthusiasm exists on every continent.

Esports ESL Pro League on March 27th, 2020

OG: 1.27 TYLOO: 3.65

Swole Patrol vs Team Liquid
Swole Patrol: 6.65 Team Liquid : 1.10

Evil Geniuses vs 100 Thieves
Evil Geniuses: 1.58 100 Thieves: 2.30

Burundi Premier League betting on 03/27/2020

One last look this Friday goes to Buruni. League football is also still on offer in the small African country. The 27th matchday will take place at the weekend in the division comprising 16 teams.

At the start, second-placed Musongati wants to reduce the gap to leader La Messager Ngozi to one point. Before the guest appearance at Rukinzo, bookmakers Musongati awarded the role of favorites.

Inter Stars vs Ngozi City has analyzed the betting base in more detail for all readers.

Burundi Premier League today – overview

Rukinzo vs Musongati

Betting Tips: Rukinzo
Odds: 4.16
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.27
Betting Tips: Musongati
Odds: 1.78

Inter Stars vs Ngozi

Betting Tips: Inter Stars
Odds: 1.72
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 3.34
Betting Tips: Ngozi City
Odds: 4.37