San Marino vs Scotland Betting Tips

San Marino vs Scotland Amazing Betting Tips 24/03/2019

Betting at international matches are exciting, interesting, lucrative, but also very difficult and tricky. As a sporty weather one is faced with completely different tasks than in league life. The teams only play together every few months and there is hardly anything like a form. In addition, the teams are often wild assembled from various leagues and clubs, which is why the strength of the teams is not easy to assess. In addition, in some cases, the great difference in the quality of the players. An example is the encounter between San Marino and Scotland, in which a tip can be given only on the height of the victory of the Scots. Especially the soccer gnomes are only cannon fodder for the other nations in the qualification and the normal bets are not possible or meaningful for these games. It’s about choosing alternatives like over / under bets or handicaps.

Today’s Betting Tips San Marino vs Scotland

This raises new questions. How motivated is the favorite? How long and up to which score does the underdog keep it? When does the better team switch to economy mode? All these questions are to be assessed in the match between San Marino and Scotland in order to make a prediction for the outcome of the game. The first qualifying encounter of the Scots on Thursday, which was lost 3-0, plays a crucial role. At 6 pm, the match will kick off on Sunday evening.

San Marino vs Scotland Betting Tips
San Marino – Statistics & Current Form

The small mountainous small state in the north of central Italy is one of the oldest republics in the world and in addition to its beautiful and historic buildings also known for the national team, in each qualification for a big tournament in the spotlight. Now it is important to evaluate the squad of the Blue-Whites completely different than it normally happens. The players are all completely blank slips on an international level. The team has been ranked almost consistently in last place on the FIFA World Ranking in recent years. The biggest success in the history was the draw against Estonia in qualifying for the European Championship 2016, the first point win in a competitive match ever. Otherwise, every single goal of the team is an absolute highlight, which is extensively celebrated. The latest goal is dated 4 September 2017. At the 1-5 draw in Azerbaijan, center-back Mirko Palazzi scored the much-acclaimed 1: 4 in the 74th minute. Since then, there is again a nine-game losing streak. On Thursday this could not be ended for qualifying in Cyprus. It was 0: 5 after 90 minutes – a typical result for San Marino, which against Scotland, this prediction can be ventured, will be similar.

Expected formation of San Marino:
Benedettini – Battistini, Cevoli, Simoncini, Palazzi, Rinaldi – Giardi, Golinucci, Mularoni – Nanni, Berardi

Last matches of San Marino:

21.03.2019 – Cyprus vs San Marino 5: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
18.11.2018 – San Marino Vs. Belarus 0: 2 (Nations League)
15.11.2018 – San Marino Vs. Moldova 0: 1 (Nations League)
15.10.2018 – Luxembourg vs. San Marino 3: 0 (Nations League)
12.10.2018 – Moldova vs San Marino 2: 0 (Nations League)

San Marino vs Scotland Betting Tips

Scotland – Statistics & Current Form

Scotland will compete in San Marino on Sunday with a healthy dose of anger. The qualifying start went completely for the British in the pants. As a favorite in the game against Kazakhstan gone, returned the British with a 0-3 in the luggage. The young team of coach McLeish had to pay a lot of apprenticeship and is in the group I directly under pressure. Actually, in addition to Belgium as a group winner rather Russia was considered as the main competitor in second place. Now, there are already three more counters missing from the Kazakhstan game. On Sunday, a threesome is also absolutely necessary. To rehabilitate his own fans, it may be like a clear away win against the football dwarf. The team of the Scots is undoubtedly talented. With Oliver Burke (formerly RB Leipzig) or David Bates (HSV) some players are represented in the squad, which were trained in Germany or other Topligen.

Oliver McBrunie, James Forrest, the mentioned Burke, Stuart Armstrong, John McGinn, Callum McGregor, Bates and Scott McKenna in central defense, Palmer and Shinnie on the outside, and Scott Bain on goal – all eleven against Cyprus in the Starting eleven were, are 27 years or younger. This team is certainly the future. But she also has to get better performances in the present, otherwise the project “change” for coach McLeish could quickly fail. Whether the coach reacts and on Sunday with a Johnny Russel in attack, for example, one or the other more experienced actor will play, will show. Either way, the quality against San Marino in Scotland should be enough to get a tip for the away win.

Expected deployment of Scotland:
Bain – Palmer, Bates, McKenna, Shinnie – McGinn, McGregor, Armstrong – Forrest, Burke, McBurnie

Last matches from Scotland:

21.03.2019 – Kazakhstan vs. Scotland 3: 0 (European Championship Qualification)
20.11.2018 – Scotland vs. Scotland Israel 3: 2 (Nations League)
17.11.2018 – Albania Vs. Scotland 0: 4 (Nations League)
14.10.2018 – Scotland vs. Scotland Portugal 1: 3 (Friendlies)
11.10.2018 – Israel vs. Scotland 2: 1 (Nations League)

San Marino vs Scotland Direct Comparison

Already three times the two nations were solved in the course of a qualification in the same group. A total of six games between San Marino and Scotland confirm the prediction that the British are expected to succeed. All six games were won by the troop of the island. The goal difference stands at 19: 0. The final comparison ended 4-0 – but this game is already 18 years back. The results from the past between San Marino and Scotland are therefore not too meaningful for a hint on the upcoming game.

San Marino vs Scotland Our Betting Tips

The main reason, curious as it may seem, that between San Marino and Scotland the odds for a tip on a high away win is the most lucrative is the defeat of the visitors on Thursday in Kazakhstan. That Scotland has enough quality to win against the underdog from central Italy a safe victory was also certain. But now the young team has to make up for something and wants to rehabilitate their own fans for the weak performance in Astana. Therefore, a motivated performance of the British is expected, who would like to enter a high victory. The goal difference, which was already weak early on in the Kazakhstan 3-0, which could play a role towards the end, should be improved a bit.

Key Facts – San Marino vs Scotland tips

San Marino has lost every international match for three years and has not met for nine games
The Scots push after the 0: 3 to the qualifying prelude frustration
The six previous direct duels all went to the Scots with a goal difference of 19: 0

Three out of the six encounters between the two nations ended 4-0 or higher, so the tip for the handicap (-4) would be already secured. At least four goals lead on Sunday are again well conceivable and if Cyprus manage five goals against San Marino, then this should also be possible for the Scottish national team, which has to make up for it. The odds for this tip are very attractive, which is why a bet of three units can be made. Whether this threesome is just a brief flare-up of the Scots, or whether the British can still intervene in the race for the first two qualifying places, will show more in the upcoming games.

Betting Tips: Victory Scotland (-4)
Odds: 2.70

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