World Cup Prediction Nigeria vs Argentina

World Cup Prediction Nigeria vs Argentina 26 June 2018

Nigeria vs Argentina World Cup Prediction

Argentina has been one of the biggest disappointments in this world championship

But if we look at the painful qualifying phase they made, the problems outside and within the 4 lines, we can explain a lot of the poor performances in the first two games.

If the game against Iceland was a wilderness of ideas, in the second, with Croatia was even worse. It was enough for Argentina to catch an opponent with more impetus and offensive quality, and it was a constant alarm in Argentina’s fragile defense.

It is a selection that has been practically adrift, and therefore measures have been taken in these last days.

It is true that this situation may stir, and well with the confidence of some players, and Argentina may appear reinforced in that question.

However, hardly in a few days will be able to play as a true collective. An anticipation that can improve, but still far from being able to display itself in a cohesive, organized and discreet way.
Of course, whoever has Dybala, Higuain, Di Maria and Messi, scores goals at any moment, and often “solos” solves the problems, as it was with Messi, in the match that stamped the qualification for Argentina.

And Messi deserves my highlight, because it could be him, again to set the example and to push Argentina to the victory that needs so much.

However, if from the attacking point of view, the players I spoke to can resolve, it is no less true that defensively the problems should be maintained.

In the first game, Otamendi and Rojo did not give defensive solidity, with Sálvio like improvised lateral right, which also did not help.

In the second game enters Market, Argentina plays with 3 exchanges, but again with no result. That is, all four goals conceded in just two games. Argentina need to win and this may expose their fragile defense even more.

Nigeria play with other comfort, as the draw should serve to clear. It is true that tying is dependent on what Iceland can do to Croatia.

However, and even with the Croats being able to make some savings, it is hardly believable that Iceland will win even more with at least 2 goals difference.

Nigeria will thus play on their preferred record, wait for Argentina and explore the spaces through the speed of iwobi, Moses and Musa.

It is in this record that the Nigerians are strong, and looking at the last games of Argentina, the chances for Nigeria to score still increase more.

Thus, prospective a multi-goal game. First, because Argentina needs to do, it has immense attacking quality. Argentina has been more at the bottom, but Nigeria’s victory over Iceland was the first aid.

Also this “revolution” lived in the last two may bring a factor of unforeseeability difficult to anticipate, for Nigeria.

I have no great doubts that Argentina will get very strong in the first 15 to 20 minutes, but I also anticipate that the defensive problems have not disappeared, and I see here good chances for both teams to take the goal.

As no team “can lose”, practically this will lead to the team that is at a disadvantage has to take on even greater risk, and the odds of having more goals are higher.

Prediction Nigeria vs Argentina:

Thus, I see with great value two bets for this game.

I will opt for the answer that the captain can give in this game, a bit similar to what he did in Ecuador.

He is the captain, he is the player that has more responsibilities, and it is that player who even plays poorly does not leave the team.

Prediction Today: Messi score
Odds: 1.75