Mauritania vs Angola Betting Tips

Mauritania vs Angola Betting Tips 29/06/2019

Mauritania and chasing the first point at the African Cup of Nations. For the first time, the lions from Chinguetti will be present at the Africa Cup. Of course, the team of Corentin Martins has benefited from the fact that the field was increased to 24, but still do not want to present themselves in Egypt as cannon fodder. The jump to the round of 16 would come as a surprise, but it does not seem impossible. The opponent seems to be predestined with Angola, because also the Palancas Negras could only get one slot, because now 24 teams are at this tournament at the start.

Football Betting Tips Mauritania vs Angola

Mauritania did not have a good debut on the African Cup stage. In the opening match, the Mauretanians defeated their neighbors from Mali equal to 1: 4. After all, the first hit has already been achieved once. Angola unexpectedly scored a point against Tunisia. If we take only the first game to the scale, then in the duel between Mauritania and Angola a prediction would be appropriate for an Angolan victory. Angola seems to be the easiest task in this preliminary round for the lions from Chinguetti. So it must be a win, because if we expect another defeat in the final duel against Tunisia, there should already be three points to qualify, if possible, as one of the top four group thirds for the knockout stages.

The tendency is already in the direction that in the match between Mauritania and Angola a tip on the 2006 World Cup participants should be the first choice. The influence of the Portuguese as a former colonial power has made football popular in Angola. If you already emulate the European champion, that should not be the wrong way. The Angolans could probably solve the ticket for the playoffs with a victory. It is hard to imagine that you can not get ahead with four counters. Maybe the underdog knows how to surprise.

Mauritania vs Angola Betting Tips

Mauritania – Statistics & Current Form

If we take a look at the Mauritanian squad alone, it becomes clear that this team has traveled to Egypt as an underdog. Numerous players, who also participate in the African Cup of Nations, have a much higher market value than the entire Mauritanian team. We do not even mean the superstars around Sadio Mane or Mo Salah. Some players even kick in the national league, to which we do not know much.

The lions of Chinguetti are therefore a big unknown at this tournament. But if we look at the internationals in recent months, then there are some respectable results with it. Among other things, there was a victory against Burkina Faso or Angola. Recently there were two defeats, which may not have been good for the head. It has been seen, however, that on good days the lions can achieve good results. Maybe that’s why we should check the odds for a point or even a victory for the team of Corentin Martins before the game between Mauritania and Angola.

Against Mali, the Mauretanians have made a decent impression on the debut. Most statistics of this match were balanced. What’s relevant is what’s on the scoreboard, and there was a 4-1 victory for the Malians. 37 minutes 0-0, but after the first goal, the lions have lost a little courage. It was the second time before the break and shortly after the break Mali increased to 3: 0.

“We will continue to try to improve. We must allow fewer gaps and be aggressive over 90 minutes. ” – Corentin Martins

Moctar El Hacen scored once more with a penalty before Mali relegated to 4-1. But Corentin Martins made it clear that he wants to continue to use the African Cup to develop his players. However, he has also addressed what his players need to improve on Angola. Aggressive duel and a more compact defensive were the main points. The coach has not looked into the cards so far, whether he will change his formation against Angola.

Expected lineup of Mauritania:
↪ Souleymane – Abeid, Abdoul Ba, N’Diaye, Abou Demba – Camara, Dellahi, Coulibaly, Hacen – Diakite, Adama Ba
↪ Coach: Martins

Last matches of Mauritania:

⚽️ 24.06.2019 – Mali Vs. Mauritania 4: 1 (Africa Cup)
⚽️ 18.06.2019 – Benin Vs. Mauritania 3: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 14.06.2019 – Mauritania Vs. Madagascar 3: 1 (friendly)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – Burkina Faso Vs. Mauritania 1: 0 (African Championship qualification)
⚽️ 18.11.2018 – Mauritania Vs. Botswana 2: 1 (African Championship qualification)

Mauritania vs Angola Betting Tips
Angola – Statistics & Current Form

It is strange what happens to the national team from Angola. The participation in the COSAFA Cup, which is in principle in preparation for the African Cup of Nations, was canceled. In Egypt, before the start of the tournament, a test match against South Africa agreed that the Angolans have also canceled because of too few training sessions. Such circumstances are perhaps still known in Europe from the lower amateur area, but in national teams that should not be the case.

However, Angola has been undefeated for four games due to the many game losses. The last defeat was of all things in qualifying for the Africa Cup. As luck would have it, both teams are playing against each other again in Egypt. The squad of the Palancas Negras are with Bastos of Lazio Roma, Bruno Gaspar of Sporting Lisbon or Wilson Eduardo from Braga quite something. Against this background, a prediction on the team of Mauritania and Angola should be consistent with the team of Srdjan Vasiljevic.

In the opening match against Tunisia, according to Angola coach the strongest team on the continent, it did not look bad, what has conjured up the 2006 World Cup participants on the lawn. Overall, it was a balanced game that could have gone out in favor of the Angolans. Tunisia went after 34 minutes 1-0 in the lead. Angola never gave up and was rewarded with a goal from Djalma a quarter of an hour before the end.

“We came to the Africa Cup to introduce ourselves to the world. After seven years absence, it is a great success for us to be there. Nevertheless, it is our desire to play well and make progress. ” – Srdjan Vasilevic

The 1-1 was also the final score and the Angolans could score an unexpected point. However, coach Srdjan Vasiljevic says he still sees his team as outsiders, even though he would like to be in the last sixteen. If we review Angola’s performance against Tunisia, that was all right, although we would not see Tunisia as strong as the Angolan coach. Nevertheless, there is probably no reason to make changes to the starting eleven.

Expected formation of Angola:
↪ Tony – Paizo, Masstuna, Bastos, Gaspar – Herenilson, Cruz – Djalma, Fredy, Eduardo – Mateus
↪ Coach: Vasiljevic

Last matches of Angola:

⚽️ 24.06.2019 – Tunisia Vs. Angola 1: 1 (Africa Cup)
⚽️ 08.06.2019 – Angola vs. Guinea-Bissau 2: 0 (friendly)
⚽️ 22.03.2019 – Botswana Vs. Angola 0: 1 (Africa Championship qualification)
⚽️ 18.11.2018 – Angola vs. Burkina Faso 2: 1 (African Championship qualification)
⚽️ 16.10.2018 – Mauritania Vs. Angola 1: 0 (Africa Championship qualification)

Mauritania vs Angola Direct comparison

In fact, only two games have taken place between Mauritania and Angola. After each home win the direct comparison is balanced. The two games were played as part of the qualification for the current Africa Cup. Surprisingly, Mauritania and Angola prevailed and eliminated Botswana and Burkina Faso. The 1-0 victory of the Lions in October of last year was the last defeat of the Angolans. Adama Ba was the scorer of the golden goal in a 1-0 victory.

Mauritania vs Angola Our Betting Tips Explained

Mauritania is certainly not big in African football, but this team has a big heart. After all, you could qualify for the first time for the African Cup and there is now after the first goal now the first point or even victory ago. After all, it was the Lions who taught their next opponent the last defeat. Therefore, we can imagine in the duel between Mauritania and Angola a tip on a point win the newcomer. Angola have been unbeaten in four games and have shown a solid performance at the tournament opening against Tunisia.

Key Facts – Mauritania vs Angola tips

♦️ Angola has not lost in the past four games.
♦️ Mauritania is still waiting for the historic first point in the Africa Cup.
♦️ The last defeat that Angola has conceded was against Mauretania.

The Angolans are the favorites in this second group match but we do not see them so far ahead that the outsider could not win at least one draw. That’s why we decided to play in the match between Mauritania and Angola betting odds on the double chance 1X. We can well imagine that Angola will be in trouble and Mauritania can at least draw.

Sure Bet: Double Chance 1X
Odds: 2,10

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