World Cup Prediction Japan - Senegal

Japan – Senegal World Cup Prediction 24/06

Japan – Senegal World Cup Prediction

In its first match in the competition, Senegal faced Lewandowksi Poland. The Senegalese could not dream better for a start, 16 years later, in World Cup. Indeed, facing a polite Polish team, the Lions of Teranga were patient, punishing their opponent by taking advantage of their mistakes as evidenced by the goal of Mbaye Niang in the 60th minute. In addition to that, tactically, Senegal has done well, muzzling the game in transisiton of the Polish and their game on the wings. Lewandowski failed to hide the mediocrity of his team. Japan, meanwhile, was meeting Colombia. Taking advantage of Carlos Sanchez’s fumble in the third minute, Kagawa opened the scoring with a penalty. Carlos Sanchez is sent off, forcing his team to play 10 for most of the match. In front of unmarked Colombians, the sun-rising nation has managed its numerical superiority well. Despite a parity score at halftime, the Japanese continued to attack and were rewarded in the 75th minute on a corner. After the match, Japan’s team-mate Akira Nishino admitted to having been aware that having the power play in the third minute was an important part of the win.
Japan will have to do without Shinji Okazaki, Leicester striker, for now.

In the last two games, Senegal scored twice each time.

In qualifying, Senegal scored 12 times for 3 goals conceded.

The Japanese have only won two games in the last 7 in all competitions.

The Blue Samurai have conceded 7 goals in the last 4 meetings.

Prediction Japan – Senegal

Taking advantage of a Colombian team in difficulty and reduced to 10, Japan leaves this match with 3 points but showed some limits after the goal scored by Kagawa penalty. Faced with physically worn players, the Japanese then proceeded in the second period to ensure significant success in the 75th minute. It was enough for them to turn the ball late in the game to lock this victory. The match against Senegal will be another story. If no game similar to the hand of Carlos Sanchez against Japan comes to stain this game, the Japanese may suffer against a disciplined opponent, compact and aggressive to the loss of the ball. After his mistake on Quintero’s free-kick, Kawashima would not be interested in missing out on a Senegalese attack led by Sadio ManĂ©. A Senegalese victory will be the most logical outcome in this match.

Prediction Today: Senegal or draw
Odds: 1.18

Prediction of the Day: Senegal
Odds: 2.10

Prediction Today: Senegal wins without conceding
Odds: 2.60