Holland vs Belarus Betting Tips

Holland vs Belarus Betting Tips 21/03/2019

On Thursday in Rotterdam it will be serious for the Dutch national team. Group C of the European Championship qualifiers 2020 starts with a home game against Belarus, an opponent that the Oranje must beat if it is to reach for the last two missed major events again for a ticket at the European Championships. With the former World Champion of 2014 – Germany – as a direct duelist, Holland has to start well. At the beginning of the qualifier, a supposedly easy-to-kick-off opponent is quite right to put the German national team under pressure.

Football Betting Tips Holland vs Belarus

Here, Holland vs Belarus is, according to odds, the bookmaker in the crystal clear favorite role. No wonder, as Holland qualified for the finals in the UEFA Nations League ahead of France and Germany. Only one defeat had to accept the Koeman-Elf during the last five games (1: 2 against France). These are all considerable facts that should be included in the prediction against Holland in the Netherlands. Accordingly, in this qualifier between Holland and Belarus everything for a tip on the host, it would not be the strong defense of the Belarusians.

Holland vs Belarus Betting Tips

Holland – Statistics & Current Form

In 2016 and 2018 all Holland was damned to watch. Both the European Championship and the World Cup took place without the former inventors of the 4-3-3 system. Under the leadership of Ronald Koeman, however, the Oranje seems to be on the mend again. On Thursday, this upswing should also be taken against Belarus and underpinned.

In February of last year, the current Bondscoach was presented as the new main responsible. In addition, Nico-Jan Hoogma became the new sports director. The first big change he put through was the conversion of the tactical system. He puts on the defensive from now on a triple or five chain. A tactic that van Gaal copied from him in 2014 when Koeman still trained Feyenoord Rotterdam in the domestic league. There are several reasons why Koeman made these and other personnel changes. For one thing, Holland has three big-backs, van Dijk, de Ligt and de Vrij. So why play with two? In addition, usually Strootman and Wijnaldum act in the center. But suddenly there is this young guy named Frenkie de Jong. For this reason, Wijnaldum continues to play as well as in Liverpool. This worked very well recently and underlines Koeman’s footballing skills. Holland seems to have finally found a bond coacch that suits them after the last few years have been anything but round. The coachman did not want to stop spinning. After the World Cup in Brazil Louis van Gaal had resigned. Afterwards Guus Hiddink tried another big name, but he did not return a year later. It was followed by his assistant coach Danny Blind and fourth place in the European Championship qualifying group. For the first time since 2002, the Elftal was only in the middle of a big tournament.

Holland can already take a significant step against Belarus in the direction of EM 2020. Since the two first-placed teams qualify directly and only one opponent at eye level with Germany, a threesome at the start would be just the right sign. The other counterparts are Estonia and Northern Ireland. However, there is no Gurk troupe waiting for the Elftal with Belarus, which makes the match between Holland and Belarus and their prediction more exciting than one would expect.

Expected formation of Holland:
Cillesses – Tete, Van Dijk, de Ligt, de Vrij, Blind – Strootmann, de Jong – Wijnaldum – Babel, Promes

Last Games from Holland:

19.11.2018 – Germany vs Holland 2: 2 (Nations League)
16.11.2018 – Holland vs France 2: 0 (Nations League)
16.10.2018 – Belgium vs Holland 1: 1 (friendly)
13.10.2018 – Holland vs Germany 3: 0 (Nations League)
09.09.2018 – France vs. Holland 2: 1 (Nations League)

Holland vs Belarus Betting Tips

Belarus – Statistics & Current Form

The Belarussian national team first received attention when they defeated their opponents from Holland 1-0 in their first participation in an EURO qualifying round in June 1995. But great success has since been missed. Belarussians came very close to participating in a major tournament during qualifying for the 2002 FIFA World Cup. At that time they won four of their five home games, including the highly valued Norwegians and Poles. On the last day of the match, they had it in their own hands to achieve at least the relegation. However, the last group game was lost in Wales, Belarus was only third.

A few years later, and relegated to the “Now”, the Belarusians could once again draw attention to themselves, in which they reached the first place in the UEFA League of Nations League D and thus reached the promotion to the C League. In addition, hoping for a direct place for the EM 2020 by participating in the play-offs. But not only the rise, also the results are impressive. Against admittedly rather under-average nations – Luxembourg, Moldova and San Marino – was an ascension almost mandatory, but that this is possible without conceding speaks for an intact defensive department. No other nation managed this feat during the competition.

“We had little time to prepare. But that applies to all teams and should not be considered an excuse. We will get everything out and do our best. “ – Igor Kriushenko on the upcoming duel against Holland

Igor Kriushenko sees in the game against Holland a great opportunity to present his nation again on the big football stage. He was not tired to emphasize that his team will fight until they drop. Take on the outsider role but want to make the most of it. Of course, he also knows that the chances of qualifying for the EM 2020 over the normal qualification, rather poor. Nevertheless, the focus is currently only on the Dutch. A small surprise in the form of a point win is not very likely to trust the tactical fox Kriushenko nevertheless. And even if this does not succeed, their own solid defense should at least prevent, the Oranje in Rotterdam to be thrown to the food.

Expected formation of Belarus:
Harbunov – Zhitov, Palyakov, Martynovich, Polyakov – Maevskiy – Savitsky, Dragun, Hleb, Stasevic – Saroka

Last matches of Belarus:
18.11.2018 – San Marino Vs. Belarus 0: 2 (Nations League)
15.11.2018 – Luxembourg vs. Belarus 0: 2 (Nations League)
15.10.2018 – Belarus vs Moldova 0: 0 (Nations League)
12.10.2018 – Belarus vs Luxembourg 1: 0 (Nations League)
11.09.2018 – Moldova vs Belarus 0: 0 (Nations League)

Holland vs. Belarus Direct Comparison

In fact, there were already some duels between Holland vs Belarus. Six of the total of eight duels went to the Dutch. Twice the Belarusians won. No match ended without a winner. It seems as if no nation would settle for just one point. The last two direct duels were played during qualifying for the 2018 World Cup. Holland won both (3: 1 and 4: 1). In the end, nobody managed to qualify for the World Cup.

Holland vs Belarus Our Betting Tips

While it would certainly be an easy bet to bet on favorites and hosts, the odds on Holland vs Belarus are way too low for this tip. Looking at the odds in each handicap area, the AHC (-2.5) is relatively close to 1.80. Belarus would have lost such a game for the last time in 2017.

Key Facts – Holland vs Belarus Tips

Belarus are the only team without a clean sheet during the Nations League.
Holland took first place ahead of Germany and France and is therefore in the finals.
If Holland wins, the first important step is taken to qualify after a long absence for a big tournament.

For example, in the case of Holland vs Belarus, the prediction is clear in favor of a victory for the Oranje, but we are rather skeptical of a high, clear runaway victory. For these reasons, we recommend betting five units at Holland vs Belarus on Belarus +2.5.

Betting Tips: Belarus win (+2.50)
Odds: 1.75

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