Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg Soccer Betting Tips

Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg Soccer Betting Tips

Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg Soccer Betting Tips

No chance in the upper division in Augsburg?

⚽️ Match: Eintracht Celle – Augsburg
⚽️ Competition: DFB Cup
⚽️ Date: 12.09.2020
⚽️ Betting Tips: Handicap: victory away -4.5
⚽️ Odds: 2.18
⚽️ Stake: 8/10 units

Six teams made it into the first round of the DFB Cup, doing their bread and butter business in the big league, usually playing fifth class in front of a few hundred spectators. The cup game against FC Augsburg would have been an absolute highlight for the city of Celle and Eintracht, but due to the hygiene regulations of the DFB, the home rights were exchanged in this duel.

So the team from Eintracht Celle will make the long journey to Augsburg and experience a great adventure there, because not many players from Lower Saxony will ever play a competitive game in a Bundesliga stadium again. The swap of the home rights probably robbed Hilger Wirtz von Elmendorff’s team of any chances.

The odds comparison of the betting base makes it clear that between Eintracht Celle and Augsburg only one tip on the FCA really makes sense. The advantage that the regional league clubs have in this first round, namely a much greater degree of macho practice than the professionals, does not come into play. Celle has just played one game in the Lower Saxony Oberliga.

It is to be feared that the fifth division in the WWK arena may even be badly damaged. At first glance, the only question that arises is how big the victory of the favorite will be. It could tend to be a good variant to place a tip on a medium handicap of the FCA in the duel between Eintracht Celle and Augsburg.

Eintracht Celle – Statistics & current form

Perhaps Eintracht Celle is the biggest underdog that we report on as part of our DFB Cup tips for the first round. Winning the regional cup in Lower Saxony for the first time was almost a sensation, because in the past season, which was known to be canceled early, Celle romped about as a climber in the midfield of the classification, mind you in the fifth division.

After the compulsory break, Hilger Wirtz von Elmendorff’s team played three competitive games and was able to prevail in the semi-finals and the finals of the Lower Saxony Cup. Overall, Celle has been unbeaten in three games, and none of the opponents can even be compared to the quality of FC Augsburg.

The dress rehearsal was not entirely unsuccessful

Last weekend, Eintracht had to go to the dress rehearsal at Heeslinger SC and only got a point at 2: 2 with a lot of luck.

  • “The financial risk, the great effort and the nervous strain led us to swap home rights.” – Department head Stefan Cohrs

Malte Marquardt was a double scorer for Eintracht, which benefited from a dismissal of the opponent. Michael Trautmann also signed the scorers list with an own goal.

With such a performance, there could be a debacle on Saturday. Therefore it seems to be a good indication to check the odds between Eintracht Celle and Augsburg for a victory of the FCA with several goals difference. In terms of personnel, there is only one thing to report from Celle. Except for coach Hilger von Elmendorff, all players are fit.

Probable formation of Eintracht Celle:
➲ Klindworth – Trautmann, Marquardt, Kaplan, Ehlers – Struwe, Yazgan – Hezo, Zöfelt, Laube – van Eupen
Coach: von Elmendorff

Last matches from Eintracht Celle:

Oberliga Niedersachsen
⚽️ 06.09.2020 Heeslinger 2 – 2 Eintracht Celle
⚽️ 01.03.2020 Arminia Hannover 1 – 1 Eintracht Celle
⚽️ 08.02.2020 FT Braunschweig 3 – 4 Eintracht Celle
WORLD Club Friendly
⚽️ 02.02.2020 Hannoverscher SC (Ger) 3 – 1 Eintracht Celle (Ger)
Oberliga Niedersachsen
⚽️ 08.12.2019 Eintracht Celle 3 – 3 Bersenbruck
⚽️ 01.12.2019 VfL Oldenburg 2 – 2 Eintracht Celle
⚽️ 24.11.2019 Eintracht Celle 1 – 2 Delmenhorst
⚽️ 19.11.2019 Eintracht Northeim 2 – 1 Eintracht Celle
⚽️ 16.11.2019 Eintracht Celle 1 – 0 Tundern
⚽️ 10.11.2019 Heeslinger 4 – 1 Eintracht Celle


Augsburg – statistics & current form

FC Augsburg has apparently done its homework in the long time without football. Numerous seasoned Bundesliga players were brought to the Fugger city. Daniel Caligiuri, Rafal Gikiewicz or Tobias Strobl are only mentioned here as examples. With the current squad, the puppeteers should probably not have to worry about relegation in the coming season.

Augsburg with successful preparation

The preparation went very well for the Augsburgers. In six friendly matches there were four wins, one draw and, most recently, a narrow 1-0 defeat against Ajax Amsterdam. Heiko Herrlich is currently very satisfied with his team and is happy that the home rights have been exchanged and that he will not experience any surprise in the form of an uncut lawn.

Nevertheless, the coach warns against Eintracht Celle. The best bookmakers do not, however, hit this line, because odds in the three-digit range are offered for a victory of the outsider from Celle in Augsburg. Therefore, we see little or no potential for surprises and join the general prediction for a clear FCA victory between Eintracht Celle and Augsburg.


  • “Celle has players who have been trained in youth training centers. You may not be able to do this week after week, but once you can. We have to be wide awake. “ – Heiko Herrlich

In terms of personnel, things couldn’t go any better at the Fuggerstadt team at the moment, because the entire squad reported fit at the start of the competitive games. This means that there will be absolute hardship cases in the starting XI and even in the squad. The newly declared competition could possibly inspire FC Augsburg this season.

Probable formation of Augsburg:
➲ Gikiewicz – Framberger, Gouweleeuw, Uduokhai, Iago – Khedira, Gruezo, Caligiuri, Vargas – Finnbogason, Niederlechner
Coach: Herrlich

Last matches from Augsburg:

Club friendship games
⚽️ 09/05 2020 Ajax Amsterdam 1 – 0 Augsburg
⚽️ 08/29 2020 Jahn Regensburg 1 – 1 Augsburg
⚽️ 08/29 2020 Altach 2 – 5 Augsburg
⚽️ 08/20 2020 Türkgücü Munich 1 – 4 Augsburg
⚽️ 08/15 2020 1. FC Nuremberg 1 – 2 Augsburg


Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg Direct comparison

FC Augsburg spends little or no time in the Lüneburg Heath. Eintracht Celle, on the other hand, rarely comes out of the unfamiliar environment. Winning the Lower Saxony Cup was the greatest success in the long history of the Celler club. For the first time, this club is recognized across Germany.

For the first time: Celle against Augsburg

But that also means that we cannot provide any references from the direct comparison between Eintracht Celle and FC Augsburg, because both teams will meet for the first time on Saturday.

Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg – Betting odds comparison – DFB Pokal

Betting Tips: Eintracht Celle
Odds: 34
Betting Tips: Draw
Odds: 17
Betting Tips: Augsburg
Odds: 1.02

Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg Soccer Betting Tips

If the match between Eintracht and FCA took place in Celle, we would hardly have bet that the top division could prevail in this game. After swapping home rights, the outsider’s chances seem to be almost zero. After all, Celle did not lose in the three competitive games after the forced break.

With the Fuggerstadt residents, however, an overpowering opponent is now waiting. From our point of view, the difference in quality will become noticeable in the second half at the latest. Even with a defensive tactic by the underdog, we assume that the Bundesliga club will win the duel between Eintracht Celle and FC Augsburg.

Key facts – Eintracht Celle vs Augsburg tips

⚡️ Celle is unbeaten in three competitive games after the forced break.
⚡️ Augsburg only lost one of six friendly matches in preparation.
⚡️ After the exchange of home rights, this encounter takes place in Augsburg.

At the latest when it should be 2-0, which we assume, the fifth division should collapse. That’s why we decided to use the odds on a handicap win (-4.5) for the FCA between Eintracht Celle and Augsburg.