Bet365 Live Betting

Launched as a small English betting company, Bet365 has now gained notoriety.

In order to improve its position and stand out in the UK against other top bookmakers, Bet365 has been consistently focusing on the online business since the turn of the millennium – and that paid off.
In our bookmaker comparison, the British bookmaker is number 1 in the overall standings. The test results are based on the assessment of the sportsbook.

The foundation of this great success is therefore based on several pillars. In addition to the Bet365 betting program and the Bet365 betting odds, live betting is also a very important cornerstone.

When we called up the Bet365 website, in our opinion, this became clear: the most important live events are displayed in the middle of a large area.

The Live Betting Offer from Bet365

No other betting provider we have tested has such a diverse, extensive and detailed betting offer in the area of live betting as Bet365.

Almost all the sports listed in the sportsbook are also available in the Live segment. From the traditional betting sports such as football, tennis, ice hockey and basketball to golf, darts, table tennis, rugby or even eSports.
Betting on online games is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and of course they are not missing on Bet365. Despite all the variety and accumulation of sports from all over the world, football also dominates in Bet365.
Here it is possible to bet on football matches from around the world. Of the major football nations such as England, the available leagues go from the top, down to the sixth or seventh level.
The situation is similar with “smaller” football nations from Europe or with leagues in South America, Asia, Africa and Australia, for example, the Premier League in Cambodia, the third Japanese league, the 5th league in the Czech Republic, the 4th league in Iceland, the U20 league in Paraguay, the Calcutta football League from India or the Australian Brisbane Canale Cup.

Even in lesser-known games, such as a game from the Australian South Australia State League 1, we have found countless different betting options.

In the important games in Germany, England, Spain, Italy and France or the Champions League, there are of course incomparably more special bets to choose from for the sports betting friends.

In addition to the normal 1 / X / 2 bet, there are of course also the classics like “who scores the next goal”, “how many goals are scored in the game” or “both teams score a goal”.
In addition, however, a huge number of bets on corner balls, throw-ins, offside or the most varied forms and of handicap bets are waiting for the bettors.

A similar betting range in terms of size we found at Bet365 not only for football, but also for other sports. For instance, tennis betting: in addition to the big events, such as Grand Slams, ATP and WTA tournaments, Davis and Fed Cup, Bet365 also hosts Challenger and even Future level tournaments.

Live Center: fast and functional

It is not easy to keep track with such a large offer. Thanks to numerous filters and viewing options, the program in the Live Center can be sorted well.
It is also possible to fill the menu item “Favorites” individually. To add a game to this filter, you must click on the star in the offer.

Good odds level for live bets

If you offer such an opulent betting program, even in such a Live Center, then you must not drop in terms of the betting odds quality. And that’s not what Bet365 does.
Considering the fact that the odds for live bets are always slightly lower than for pre-bets, Bet365 is one of the providers with customer-friendly procedures for live betting odds.
In football, we came across an average payout ratio of 93 to 95 percent – depending on the value of the game or the league. Many bookmakers do not even offer such high odds in their pre-match bets.
However, this high odds level is not exclusive to playing with the ball, but also extends to other major sports such as tennis, ice hockey or basketball.

Anyone who signs up with Bet365 and has money on their betting account can use the live streaming offer from Bet365. It should be noted that although there is a large selection, country restrictions may apply.
If, for legal reasons, there is no live stream to a game – no matter if football, tennis, basketball or any other sport – then these games can be watched via high-quality animated graphics.

In football, for example, the number of attacks, the shots and the possession of the ball are displayed in addition to the course of the game. So you get a very good idea about how the game is going – which is not completely unimportant for live bets.


Bet365 is the best supplier in the industry in terms of live betting.
With the very extensive betting program, as well as the very high betting odds and the impressive offer of live streams, the British bookmaker did an excellent job.