Champions League Ajax vs Dinamo Kiev

Champions League Ajax vs Dinamo Kiev 22/08/2018

Champions League Ajax vs Dinamo Kiev Prediction

On Tuesday, the UEFA Champions League gives us the final act before the start of the group, with no less than 12 teams in the direct battle, who will try to qualify in the next phase with the most powerful bands in Europe. One of the three duels that is playing today is Ajax and Dinamo Kiev, scheduled from 22:00 on Johan Cruijff Arena. Although the odds are quite unbalanced, the Ucranians can surprise Amsterdam.

Ajax, the host of this dispute, starts with the first chance in qualifying and winning the match with all the necessary strengths to succeed. The Dutch team, drawn from the edge of Ten Hag, had an extremely tense summer training with many problems that had to be solved due to the extremely poor results achieved in the friendly. Ajax seems to have gone through that difficult time if we look at the Dutch game in the second round in front of Sturm Graz. Although a lot of people expected the Austrians to make a good impression, the Ajax experience spoke their word, and managed to make it to Tour 3. Then followed a duel in which the same thing was expected, the Standard also having chances to qualify further, but the lack of experience has betrayed it, and the qualification has not happened. The Dutch team managed to win by 5-2 in general, and that’s how it goes with small steps, but sure about the UCL groups. In the championship they managed to get the first three points just last weekend, score 0-1 on the field at Venlo.

Dinamo Kiev moves to the Netherlands to try to get a positive result that will keep it realistic after this tour. The Ucranians have begun so far in the new UCL season, but the game tonight proves to be especially special for the Ucrani footballers who feel they are motivated before the game they think they have prepared very well with all the people who activates at the club. This managed to qualify in the UCL play-off grazie elimination of Slavia Prague, the Czech group which although had two relatively good performances, the experience of the Ukrainians in Europe has said its word, but especially that the homogeneity of the team proves to be a determining factor in this competition. The beginning of the season is excellent for the victoria victoria of Ucrania who managed to win the Super Cup in front of Shakhtar, score 1-0, and to get no less than 4 wins in the championship of all games with the same score as the final.

Best Bet of the Day Ajax vs Dinamo Kiev

So we will have a duel between a band that many give as qualified because of its valuable batch, the history that forces it to enter the UCL, thanks to fans who want to see their dream come true, and the other side, the Ukrainian team in which no one believes, but the capacity of this band is far above anything anyone can imagine. The game played so far by Dinamo Kiev in all competitions denotes an extremely solid, well-settled one, calculated in every move, and that is why I will bet on a favorable result for the Ukrainian team that at such a forecast has a share excellent, and implicitly on a goal scored by Tsygankov & Co.

Betting Tips: The guests score
Odds: 1.66
Betting Tip: X2
Odds: 2.38