Miami Marlins – Pittsburgh Pirates (PREDICTION) 01.06.2016

Sure bet for tonight from USA MLB 02.06.2016 started at. 00.10 AM .Game of the Mlb that face to Miami marlins vs Pittsburgh pirates in the Marlins Park, current eighth and fifthly of the national league respectively, series joined with 1 victory for each one, yesterday the pirates did not have much that to do before the star one of miami Fernandez that this unamenable with record 8-2 divided that I finish in favour of the marlins for 3-1 alone where 5 could connect hits them of pittsburgh.

For today miami sends to the hill the left-handed record Adam Conley of 3-3 and IT WAS of 4.15 in 10 openings.

For Pittsburgh they send the left-handed record Jon Niese of 5-2 and one AGE of 4.42 in 10 openings. To simple sight it is not a very good AGE but this improves if we see his last 3 openings with 1.89 AGE.

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Game that meets close enough but for certain factors I praise myself for the pirates, to niese be in the habit of answering him the offensive of his team, that since yesterday it could not do anything before fernandez I think that today they will go out to bat before conley, luck!!! Pittsburgh Pirates win ! odds. 2.00

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