England – Wales (PREDICTION) 16.06.2016

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Game of the group B of the Euroglass 2016, which faces England and Wales.

I consider very favorite for the game to the selection of England, think 2 that Wales is very probable that it has many problems to manage to happen from round, prediction is leading England, Slovakia and 3 Russia.

Already I have mentioned in other predictions the potential of the selection of England, for what we are going to centre on Wales.

The selection of Wales basically is formed by players of English leagues, with the exception of his great major Gareth Bale.

It possesses players as Ben Davies (Totthenham), Joe Allen (Liverpool), Andy King (Leicester) or Aaron Ramsey (Arsenal).

It is the first time that Wales qualifies for a great tilt as the Euroglass. It qualified as second of the group B, in which 1 was Belgium.
I think that his position owes rather because the rivals were very attainable, rivals as Andorra, Cyprus, Israel or Bosnia. Nevertheless, only they were capable of annotating 11 goals, whereas other selections as Bosnia, annotated 17, or Belgium with 24.
Since already I have commented, I think that it is going to have many problems to manage to qualify, though to an alone game against every selection it can spend any thing, see clear favorite England for this meeting.

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